Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Recap and Blog Challenge Day 19!

I hope your weekend was fabulous! I had a pretty great weekend. It started off Friday afternoon when I found these movies on blu-ray at Best Buy. What is even better is that I didn't realize until I got home they only charged me the DVD price..-score! I also had Best Buy reward points to use (I'm so addicted to Best Buy).
I don't care how old I get- I will always love these movies.
Friday night was my third Rangers game of the week. It was Fireworks Friday to the music of Elvis. We won't talk about the outcome of the game, but the fireworks show was awesome! And of course, how can you NOT have a good time listening to Elvis music?

I made a donation to the US Navy (they were outside the Ballpark) and they gave me an American flag. God bless our troops!
Captain, the Rangers mascot, got into "Elvis Fever". Picture stolen borrowed from MLB's Instagram.
Saturday I was at the Ballpark again for my fourth game of the week. I got last minute tickets to my company's suite (I do NOT turn down free suite tickets). It was so much fun. It was even better that the Rangers won 15-3. And I got to hang out with my BFF Brandy (who I don't get to see that much).

My baseball homegirls Julie and Monica
Me and the BFF
I think they updated the seats in the suite from last year- they were all cushiony now. Is cushiony a word?
Our view
The Texas Legends Race. It's only fitting that Davy Crockett won- his birthday was Saturday. :)
Rangers win- I like Texas!
After the game, I met up with friends to celebrate the birthday of my buddy Rich. He was super excited about the Whataburger gift card I gave him. And the Rangers bucket that I got for him at the suite. :)
He's so silly!
Me with the birthday boy!
A new friend, and new Twitter follower, Scott
Sunday was relaxing. After church, I had lunch with a friend and stopped by Half Price Books. I never seem to get out of Half Price Books empty handed. After that some friends and I met at Braum's for ice cream. Overall, a very full, but fun, weekend. 

Blog challenge Day 19: What are some embarrassing moments you've had?

Oh sheesh, I have so many (why is it that we are always so willing to share our embarrassing moments?) :) Well, one time in high school I marched out of my band shoe during a competition. I had to finish the show with only one shoe on. Then afterward, I had to run back on the field to get my other shoe. My most embarrassing moment probably took place in college. Click here for that story.

Hope everyone has a great day!


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  1. Great photos! And I wonder if the shoe incident were to happen now, would it still be embarrassing to you? And, do you mean THE Half Price Books that I love??♥♥