Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Blog Challenge- Day 1!

Okay, in an attempt to blog EVERY SINGLE DAY for a month (yeah, I know, probably won't happen, but I'm gonna try), I've come up with this blog challenge. Feel free to steal borrow the idea if you would like (just send me a message so I can check out your blog!) :) If you want to participate and you don't want to write something every single day, that's fine, just pick the ones you like! :)

Here I go!

Day 1: How have you changed in the last 5, 10, 15, and 20 years?

I felt it was easiest to make a chart to show how I've changed. No laughing at my photos please. :)

Okay, so the one thing that remained the same is that I love to spend time with my friends! So, how about you? How have you changed over the past 20 years?



  1. I hope I've changed over the last 20 years or I would have had gray hair way before my time. LOL

    ANYWAY, love your idea for the blog challenge. Did you make those up? That is a great lineup!!! I'll enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Love the graphics you did for these! I love looking back like this.