Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Worst Date Ever...

I decided to link up with my friends Neely and Amber today for their Fabulous Valentine's Challenge.  

Day 2: Worst Date Ever.

Valentine’s Day Challenge

It's sad, but I had more than one to choose from. The finalists were:

-The guy who was so arrogant he almost made Gaston from Beauty and the Beast look datable (Monica and Katie: YOU know who I'm talking about).

-The guy who couldn't understand why I wasn't impressed that he made a lot of money or that he drove a Porsche. Evidently girls were normally impressed with that information. I just said, "oh, that's nice." Author's note: Hello, I'm a Texas girl, I'm more impressed with trucks than sports cars. Duh. ;)

But I think the winner is this one guy from a few years ago. Some friends and I were joking around one time talking about online dating, and for some reason, despite me being really opposed to the idea, we decided to sign up on this one dating website. Author's note: I'm not saying there is anything wrong with online dating, it's just not really for me. This date did NOT help change my feelings about it. And yes, I deleted my account soon after this.

So anyways, after exchanging messages with this guy for a few weeks (through the website's "messaging system"), I agreed to meet him at some restaurant near where I worked at the time (for the record, he did not know my last name or where I worked. Yeah, I'm just paranoid careful like that). His profile said he was an attorney and that faith and church were a main priority in his life (this is important information you will need to know later on). He also had on his profile that he liked sports and movies, so I figured we would have some things to talk about.

First issue: While we are waiting on the appetizer to arrive, the first question he asked was, "So, why didn't it work out with the last guy you dated?" Um...really? That's the FIRST question you are going to ask me? I would think "What's your favorite color?" "What kind of movies do you like?" "What sports do you like?" Really? You asked that as your first question on the first date? I don't remember how I answered, but I was tempted to say, "Because the first question he asked me was, 'Why didn't it work out with the last guy you dated?'" But alas, I left my sarcastic side at home that evening. 

Second issue: We started talking about our jobs. At that time I did customer service for a finance company so he asked me how I liked it, how long I had been there, etc. I asked him about his work. Remember, he was an attorney. Well, turns out he was an (unpaid) intern at the attorney general's office, but he was hoping to one day BE an attorney. So yeah, he was unemployed. Not that there is anything wrong with that, times are tough these days, but still, don't try and lie about it.

Third issue: He asked me about church and what kind I went to, how long I had been going to church, etc (yeah, preacher's kid here, so I was pretty much in church anytime the doors were open). I asked him what kind of church he went to (because you know, his faith and church were SO IMPORTANT to him). His response, "Oh, I haven't been to church in years, but I keep meaning to go back." That's cool, but if you don't GO to church, it's not a PRIORITY in your life. Just saying.

In his defense, he did like sports, although he wasn't a huge baseball fan (RED FLAG PEOPLE, MAJOR RED FLAG!!!) It was at this point in the date I excused myself, went to the bathroom and sent an S.O.S text to my bestie telling her to call or text me soon so I would have an excuse to leave. Oh, yes I did.  

Fourth issue: After he walked me to my car, I did the polite, "It was nice to meet you, have a great life night," speech, and the guy tried to kiss me. HOLD ON PLAYA! First date, just met you, keep your lips to yourself. Author's note: Now, if Shemar Moore asked me out, a kiss on the first date would be TOTALLY acceptable. ;) Anyways, he did the whole, "Nice to meet you, I'll call you soon" speech (and I was secretly praying he was just being nice and I would never hear from him again). 

Fifth issue: My drive home was maybe 20-25 minutes (and yes I was paranoid and made sure he wasn't following me. WHAT? I watch a lot of crime shows, I know how bad the world can be!) I had just opened my front door when my phone rang. It was HIM (for the life of me I can't remember his name, I guess I've blocked it from my memory). He was like, "I had a great time, I hope to see you again soon, you are really awesome." Now, I'm a nice person. I wanted to tell him I had just made a decision to become the world's first Baptist nun, but I was like, "Yeah, you too. I'm just really busy for the rest of my life next few weeks." I was hoping he would forget about me. The guy texted me 10 times a day for the next week. Finally (after ignoring him for a few days hoping it would all just go away), I had to let him know I wasn't interested. He just wasn't getting the hint. He was like, "oh, that's cool, but if you change your mind, give me a call." I was like, "sure" and then I immediately deleted his number. I know, cold-hearted, sue me. So yeah, that's my worst date ever story. 

Photo Challenge Day 31: You, again- I promised one of my blogging friends (I forgot who) that I would post a picture of me when I had really blonde hair. This picture is about 9 years old. I look so young. And so blonde. This was taken in New Mexico (I think). I was on a really high bridge (I don't like heights, hence my look of fear).

Have a great day my friends!


Monday, January 30, 2012

Oak Ridge Boys Recap

As you all know (unless this is the first time you've ever read my blog, and if so, welcome), last Thursday my friend Monica and I went to the Oak Ridge Boys concert in Allen! It was a great concert, we had a lot of fun! They sang some songs from their new CD (yes, they have a new CD), as well as some of their biggest hits. And of course, everyone stood up and sang "Elvira" at the end of the concert. :) 

Our view of the stage. Not bad for $12 tickets (thank you Groupon)!
Waiting on the Oak Ridge Boys to take the stage!
Thanks to my friend Monica for letting me use the following pictures on my blog today!
Joe Bonsall
Richard Sterban (he sings the Oom pappa, oom pappa, oom pappa mow mow part of Elvira)
Duane Allen and William Lee Golden

Photo Challenge Day 28: Light
My baseball lamp
Photo Challenge Day 29: Inside Your Fridge
Okay, not really my fridge. But it's a nice thought! :)
Photo Challenge Day 30: Nature
I could use some nature like this!! :)
Have a great Monday everyone!!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Boob Tube Babble

It's been a while since I linked up with Neely for Boob Tube Babble. Today her post was on her love of Bad Boys of TV (check out her post here). I decided this week to devote my post to my favorite detectives, wanna be detectives and crime solvers (seeing that I'm obsessed infatuated passionate a fan of crime shows). 

1. Jessica Fletcher, Murder She Wrote: I'm thinking this started my whole mystery/crime show obsession. I used to watch this show with my folks. A retired teacher turned mystery writer turned crime solver. Anyone else ever wonder why no one accused her of all these murders? It seemed no matter where she went, whether staying at home or on vacation, people died. A little suspicious if you ask me. ;) Regardless, I love Angela Lansbury. I found this interview from a few years ago of her talking about her role as Jessica Fletcher. :)

2. Dr. Mark Sloan, Diagnosis Murder: This was another show I watched with my folks. Being a huge fan of Mary Poppins and reruns of The Dick Van Dyke Show on Nick at Nite, I was excited to watch any show with Dick Van Dyke. Dr. Sloan was the head doctor at Community General Hospital, but in his spare time he helped his detective son Steve (played by real life son Barry Van Dyke), solve crimes. Fun fact: The character of Dr. Sloan was actually introduced on an episode of Jake and the Fat Man. Author's note: I don't watch Grey's Anatomy but while searching videos on YouTube it seems there is a character named Dr.  Mark Sloan on that show. Too funny.

3. Greg Sanders, CSI: He's a "lab rat" turned field agent but he's one of my favorites on CSI. He's so nerdy, but loveable! I found this clip from the episode where he got beat up trying to help save a man's life. It made me miss Grissom!!

4. Eric Delko, CSI: Miami: Let's just be honest here, Adam Rodriguez makes crime fighting look good ;) I like his character who tries to act all tough, but deep down he's just a sweet guy.

5. Detective Don Flack, CSI: NY: He works closely with the crime lab of New York. I think he sometimes brings some "comic relief" to a very tense show. Again, being honest, if I have to get arrested, I really hope the cop looks like Eddie Cahill (NOT that I'm planning on getting arrested or anything)! :)

6. Leroy Jethro Gibbs, NCIS: He's the leader of the group who at times is tough and unemotional (I guess in his line of work you have to be), but deep down his team is his family. This is one of my favorite scenes!

7. Hetty Lange, NCIS: LA: She is the leader of the group, spending most of her time in the office while her team is out in the field. She's tough and keeps her team in line, but I think she is hilarious! She's great!

8. Shawn Spencer and Burton "Gus" Guster, Psych: I know, it's a comedy, but they are crime solvers too!! :) 

9. Patrick Jane, The Mentalist: I always felt like I was cheating on Shawn and Gus by watching this show, but I like it. Patrick Jane can drive his coworkers crazy, but in the end, he's usually right. 

10. Detective Seeley Booth, Bones: Granted, a month ago I had never seen this show but after a week of nothing but Netflix, I am now caught up on it. I really like his character. He's tough and his personality clashes with Dr. Brennan's, but they work well together. :) 

Photo Challenge Day 27: Lunch- I met some friends for lunch at Chick Fil-A today. Yummy!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I promise to recap The Oak Ridge Boys Concert on Monday!! :)


Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

Linking up with my girls Neely and Amber today for It's OK Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

...to totally ignore your carpool on the ride home because you only had two chapters left in book one of the Bone Island Trilogy and you HAD to know who the killer was. I'm assuming it goes without saying that I was NOT driving the carpool this week.

...to have stayed up too late reading book 2 of the series.

...to have 82 pins on your Hotties Pinterest board.

...to always end up the organizer of plans when you get together with friends.

...that you told off a coworker yesterday because he was being obnoxious.
...that you don't have another free weekend until the middle of March. 

...that you are excited you ate at a new restaurant today because you can update your 101 in 1001 list!

Very good food! I'm totally going back!
...to still think this song is hilarious!

Photo Challenge Day 26: Color- my favorite color is blue, or as I call it, "Rachel blue". It's very close to the color of the Rangers jerseys (total coincidence, I swear!) ;)
Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler (wearing "Rachel blue") :)
I'm so excited that today is my FRIDAY! Just three more hours to go! Have a great day y'all!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving...


I laughed SO hard. And my friends Tonya, Ashley, and I may or may not have been dancing in the theater during it (we practically had the theater to ourselves). It was a rainy Monday night at a ghetto theater, not a lot of people were there! :)

I'm loving...

That the lead singer of the Oak Ridge Boys responded to my tweet earlier today (I sent a tweet saying I was excited about their concert tomorrow night). He must have read my blog because he thanked me for posting videos! :)

I'm loving...

The comments that my sweet readers send me (either commenting on my blog or sending me tweets). I especially like the one from a sweet blogging friend who reminded me yesterday that being a "good girl" is not a bad thing. You are so right. I would so rather be the person I am than the "alter-ego Rachel". :) You are the best! :)

I'm loving...

This purse. Anyone want to buy it for me?? :)

I'm loving...

That I have Friday off work. I figured I would be out late at the concert tomorrow night and wouldn't want to get up at 6am to go to work. Hooray for sleeping in!

I'm loving...

That baseball season is 71 days away. And it's just 41 days until my trip to Arizona for Rangers Spring Training! :) I took these pictures from my Pinterest baseball board. :)


Photo Challenge Day 25: Something You Made- I made a lot of Christmas gifts this year. Here are pictures of a few of them.

I saw cute music candles at Pottery Barn, but they were $20 each. So I bought candles (Michael's- $1 each), old sheet music (40 cents at Half Price Books for a book) and used Mod Podge to make my own for my sister!
I have a friend who loves John Wayne so I made her coasters. I used white bathroom tiles (Home Depot- 19 cents each) and printed out pictures on a friend's color printer (laser, not ink jet) and again used Mod Podge to glue them down. After several coats of Mod Podge, I used a sealant to keep them waterproof! I glued felt on the back to keep them from scratching any surface.

I made these for my sisters for their birthdays (which are both in December). I used a computer program to put "Sisters" at the top of a picture, then printed it out (again on a laser printer). I used a white bathroom tile and Mod Podge for this project as well (can you tell I LOVE Mod Podge, it's the best).I bought a little picture stand to prop the tile up with.

Happy Wednesday!!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Tunes and Photo Challenge Day 24!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my friend Monica and I will be going to see The Oak Ridge Boys in concert on Thursday night. I've been jamming out to some Oak Ridge Boys songs all afternoon, so I decided to use them for my Tuesday Tunes!

I've posted this picture before, but, since I named my cat Elvira after the Oak Ridge Boys song, I felt it was appropriate to post again today!

Me and Elvira (circa 1982ish).

Photo Challenge Day 24: Guilty Pleasure- I honestly can't think of anything I feel guilty about (that either makes me sound heartless or like a goody-goody.) Sadly, it's probably the latter. **sigh** Even as an adult I tend to "do the right thing" (okay, I guess that's not a BAD trait to have. And I know my mother will be happy to read that). I'll admit I sometimes wonder what life would be like if I was not "goody-goody Rachel". Um... maybe that's a guilty pleasure, wondering what my alter-ego would be like. Can you imagine a Rachel who didn't like sports, didn't get along with her family, wasn't polite to strangers and never did the right thing? Kinda scary...hehehe... For the record I should say I don't think you are a bad person if you don't like sports, I was just trying to think of someone totally opposite of me! :)

Baptist Girls Gone Wild- Halloween 2008
Happy Tuesday lovelies!!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Phone Photo Fun Monday..

I saw this on Amber's blog and thought I would try it out today!! :) Check out What Makes Savannah Smile for other great Phone Photo Fun posts!

I like to take pictures of...
Me and my friends waiting in line at the movie theater  
Complete series of Smallville on DVD WITH a Tom Welling action figure (I had to send this to the BFF- she loved that show). I just love Tom Welling! :)
Buses that drive past me on my way home from work (especially when they have a Rangers player on them!)
The "before" picture of a pizza my friend Monica and I ordered on Friday...
...The "after" picture of the same pizza (don't judge, we were hungry!) :)
Oak Ridge Boys LP record that I saw at Half Price Books-if only I still had a record player!
The awesome DVD I got for only $1 at Half Price Books ("You're killing me Smalls!")
The kid in the waiting area at Studio Movie Grill- let's hope she dressed herself and her mother didn't do that to her.
Photo Challenge Day 21: Reflection

A reflection of my bathroom mirror. Yes, I have a lot of necklaces. And yes, I have a Bible verse on my mirror. :)
Photo Challenge Day 22: Your shoes-today I'm sporting my black boots! Yes, I realize the heels make me taller than I already am. I can't help it, they were cute! : )

Photo Challenge Day 23: Something old (thought about posting a picture of myself, but I refrained!) ;)

Stonehenge- I so want to visit it one day!
Hope you are having a great Monday my lovely friends!