Friday, April 30, 2010

Finally Friday!

So, a few months ago you might remember me talking about eating healthier and working out more. I actually did really well, for a while at least. This past month I have "fallen off the wagon", for lack of a better phrase. Actually, I did more of a "tuck and roll" off the wagon. After going almost 3 months without it, my morning caffeine addiction has returned (that being a Dr Pepper, I don't drink coffee). I was doing pretty good and would only have one can a day, but this morning, temptation got the better of me. I stopped at the gas station across the street and got the "mother of all fountain drinks". Oh so good though!

My morning beverage. And for the record, that is NOT a real turtle in background.  

It's Friday, which means it's NEW FRIEND FRIDAY!! Welcome everyone visiting from The Girl Creative, thank you for stopping by!

The Girl Creative

The question for today is: What is your most embarrassing moment?

I guess mine would have to be the time in college when I got a concussion and cracked my tailbone, all in the same move (oh yes, I'm that talented). My college friends never seem to get tired of this story. A little background: I went to a small Christian college and the rules of the dorms were that members of the opposite sex were not allowed past the lobby. Now, every so often, the dorms would have "An Open Dorm". Guys could come visit the girls in their dorm rooms, and vice versa. Visitors had to sign in with a picture ID in the lobby (no, I'm not kidding). And, our doors had to be left open. Oh, I'm very serious. This is a key part to my story.

One night during an Open Dorm, my roommate and I had about 8 or 9 friends hanging out in our room. Important side note: Our dorm doors were what I call "fire doors", so we had to use a chair to prop it open. We had a chair in the middle of the doorway to keep it from closing. At some point during the evening, our R.A. said we had to have an emergency meeting in the hallway. My roommate left the room first while I told our friends to stay put, we would be right back. My roommate yelled at me to grab a pen because we had to fill out forms, so, in my attempt to hurry and get out to the hall, I thought, I'm just going to jump over the chair. Yeah, I jumped a little too high, hitting my head on the doorframe. On the way back down, I hit the chair, which slid out from under me, causing me to land straight on my butt on the floor. Everyone laughed at first, because I suppose it looked a little funny. Then, they realized I wasn't moving. My boyfriend ran over to check on me, and according to him, some "un-Rachel like" words came out of my mouth. (Sorry mom!) THAT is when he realized something was very wrong.

At first they were more worried about me having a concussion since I hit my head pretty hard. So, my roommate and boyfriend drove me to the E.R. After a CAT Scan and an X-ray, they realized I not only had a concussion, but a cracked tailbone as well. For anyone who has had a cracked tailbone, you know there is NOTHING that can be done. Except heavy duty pain killers and a donut pillow to sit on (we aren't going to talk about that stupid pillow though).

So, that night my poor roommate had to wake me up every two hours and ask me three questions. The doctor said if I hesitated at any question, I had to come back in. Needless to say, on a small campus such as mine, word got out what had happened. The vice president of the school even called to check on me. I'm still a legend to this day in that dorm. I hear whenever there is an open dorm, that story comes up. Beautiful. That is just how I wanted to be remembered!

Anyways, happy Friday friends!! Make it a great one!! : )


  1. Hi..I’m Barb ….I am from Tues. tag-along I am your newest follower. I hope you will get a chance to visit my blog @
    & get inspired by something for your family/home. I hope you will follow me as well. Nice to meet ya new friend!!!

  2. Love your blog! Can't wait to read your randomness. Thanks to Friend Friday on Creative Girl.

  3. Oh, wow. Since I know where you went to school, I know that you are NOT lying about those silly rules....and that is totally something I would do. Shocking, I know. :) Except I wouldn't get a concussion or break my tailbone. 'Cause I just don't do that. ;) Love ya soulsista!

  4. I almost joined New Friend Friday today but ran out of time... and that question... Yikes. My most embarrassing moment really only takes one word to say: karaoke.

    I LOVE your moment. Sounds completely like something I would do. Sorry for the ouch. I do love that you're a legend back at your old school, though.

    And, I went to a similar school here in Washington state... church-run, no boys in dorms (ever), girls on lock down. Oh the joy.

  5. I am way late but trying to catch up! Found you on the TTA! Hope you can visit one or all of my blogs *Grin* I am now following your blog.