Friday, August 2, 2013

The ABC's Of Me- Blog Challenge Day 2

Day 2: What is something that describes you from each letter of the alphabet?

A: A.D.D. Seriously, I have the attention span of a two year- ooh, what's that, something shiny!
B: Baseball. If you have read any other posts on my blog, I'm sure you are quite aware I love baseball.
C: Chick Fil-A. I could literally eat there every day.
My love of baseball and Chick Fil-A in the same picture! :)
D: Dr Pepper. Seriously, it's like sweet nectar from heaven.
E: Elvis. I'm a big Elvis fan (and I mean that as in Elvis Presley AND Elvis Andrus). :)
Seriously, how could you not like either Elvis? :)
F: Friend. I try to be the kind of friend I would want. 
G: Guns. Nothing like going to the shooting range to let off a little steam.
Say hello to my little friend...
H: History. I love learning about history. I've been known to plan vacations around what kind of museums I can see while I'm there. :)
I: Ice cream. I love me some Blue Bell!
Me and my sister touring the Blue Bell factory
J: Jesus follower. I think this speaks for itself!
K: Kindhearted. Well, I try to be. Unless you cut me off in traffic, then I unleash my wrath. :) But seriously, I hate hurting someone's feelings, so I try my best to be nice in (most) circumstances. 
L: Laugh. I love to laugh and to make other people laugh. I make myself laugh all the time, I feel I'm quite funny, I could have my own comedy TV show. :)
See, my nephew E thinks I'm funny! :)
M: Musicals. I enjoy a good Broadway show, or a classic Rodgers and Hammerstein production.
N: Nerd. It's true, and not like book smart nerd, I'm just overall nerdy. ;)
O: Old movies. I love watching the classics. Especially anything with Audrey Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart, Gregory Peck, or Cary Grant. I love them all. Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is my favorite cable station!
P: Pictures. I take lots AND lots of pictures (in case you haven't noticed).
Q: Queso. I love queso, oh so much. I'm pretty sure it should be in a food group all by itself!
R: Reader. I love to read. I have so many books my friends borrow from me instead of a library! 
S: Silly. I tend to be very silly sometimes. Again, have you read my blog at all? :)
I also have silly friends! :)
T: Talkative. If you ever meet my family, you'll know where I get it from. Good luck trying to get a word in at any family function! :)
U: Unique. I know, it's cheating to use this word because EVERYONE is unique. But, I'm using it anyways! How many other gals do you know who love Steve Avery, Chick Fil-A, Dick Van Dyke, and will spend money to go see the surviving members of The Monkees in concert? Yeah, didn't think so. Side note: Yes, I'm going to a Monkees concert tonight. Be very jealous. :)
V: Vivacious. Someone I work with used this word to describe me recently, I had to use it, it made me laugh.
W: Writer. Obviously, I mean, I have a blog, I must love to write. I also used to be a sports writer for a newspaper (I know, shocker!) :) And I've been trying to write a novel for some time, it's a slow process. :)
X: X-ray. Thanks to a few car accidents and also my own clumsiness, I've had more than my share of X-rays done. And seriously, how many words start with "X"? I never played the xylophone so I couldn't use that one. 
Y: Young at heart. I sometimes forget I'm not as young as I used to be, but hey, you are only as old as you act feel, right? ;)
Z: Zoo. I love going to the zoo. I'm hoping my sweet great-nephews and my new great-niece will come see me soon so we can go visit the Dallas Zoo again! :)
I just realized this picture is three years old. My little monkeys need to come back for another zoo trip! :)
Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Thanks for all the positive feedback on my challenge! Again, leave me a link to your blog if you participate. I look forward to your posts!


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  1. I had no idea you liked baseball, Blue Bell, or CFA but I love that picture at the zoo!!