Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010...

Hard to believe 2010 is coming to an end. It's been a great year, I can't complain. I have had many, many good memories over the past 12 months. I don't want to bore y'all to tears with all of them, so I guess if I had to pick one of my favorite moments of 2010, it would have to be this one right here:

Final Out from Luis Alicea on Vimeo.

As a lifelong Rangers fan, I didn't think I would ever hear, "The Texas Rangers are American League Champions and are going to the World Series." Granted, we didn't win it all, but still, the year 2010 will be the year of the Rangers to me. I went to about 28 games (including the post season). That is the most I've ever been to in one season. I got to attend my first ever playoff game and I got to attend the first ever World Series game played at The Ballpark. For those who have been reading my blog for a while now, thank you for going on that journey with me!

Outside the Ballpark before the World Series

Celebrating the win after Game 3

I'm looking forward to what is in store for me in 2011. I will do my best to keep y'all posted on my adventures. Thank you for being a part of my life. Y'all mean a lot to me!

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Best of Thursday 13 for 2010

For my last Thursday 13 of 2010, I thought I would go back and pick 13 of my favorite Thursday 13 posts from this past year. Click on the title of the post to view it.

1. Thirteen Guilty Pleasure Songs on my iPod (this was my first Thursday 13 post) (March 25)

2. Thirteen Things I Love About Springtime in Texas (April 1)

3. Thirteen Quotes from the TV show Psych (April 8)

4. Thirteen Random Facts You May (or May Not) Want to Know About Me (April 15)

5. Thirteen of My Favorite Maxine cartoons (May 6)

6. Thirteen of My Favorite Sports Movies (May 13)

7. Thirteen Pictures of My Trip to New York City (June 3)

8. Thirteen Random Things About My Week (June 17)

9. Thirteen of My Favorite "Not As Well Known" Movies (July 22)

10. Thirteen of My Favorite Songs by Christian Artists (August 12)

11. Thirteen Places In Texas I Would Like To Visit (September 16)

12. Thirteen Costumes of Halloweens Past (October 28)

13. Thirteen of My Favorite Christmas Movies (December 16)

My long weekend starts in less than an hour! I'm hoping to get online tomorrow and post my recap of 2010. Thank you so much sweet friends for taking the time to read my blog and leave me comments. My blog really grew in 2010 and I can't wait to see what happens in 2011!!

I'm not really a champagne person, so I'll ring in the New Year with some Sparkling grape juice!! : )

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I enjoyed spending time with my family. I will eventually put up more pictures, I just haven't had time to upload them from my camera yet. Here are a few that I took with my iPhone to hold you over until then!

"E" wearing Aunt Rachel's hat (my friend Monica knitted me the hat for Christmas!)

"C" showing Aunt Rachel some animal from the manger toy set.

My nephew "D" getting a drink of water after church.

I still can't believe that it's almost 2011. Seriously, I don't like that time seems to be speeding up! It just seems like yesterday it was 2000 and I was graduating college. I had all these crazy dreams of being a writer. And I looked so young. **sigh** Where does the time go? 

May 2000. Yes I had very blonde hair back then. Moving on...
Speaking of the New Year, I'll probably post a few New Year's Resolutions in the next few days. As well my "Year in Review: 2010". I just work half a day tomorrow and I'm off work on Friday, so maybe I'll finally find time to devote to my blog. Or honestly, I might watch the NCIS marathon on USA (you know my weakness for crime shows- and my nerd/geek crush on Sean Murray-AKA Special Agent Tim McGee). ;)

The geeky, yet adorable, Sean Murray
Part of me knows I should spend either Thursday or Friday taking down my Christmas decorations, but it's so depressing for me to do that. But at the same time, I know if I don't do it now, I won't have time later. I just need to get it over with. January is a pretty busy month for me, I don't have many free weekends. I have a luncheon with some former college roommates, a baby shower for my BFF in Austin, and the Rangers Fanfest (it's a two day event this year!) Oh yes my friends, 94 days and counting until Opening Day. And 48 days until Spring Training! Wahoo! 

So, speaking of baseball, and in honor of C.J. Wilson's intro song making it to the final four of the "Ben and Skin's Year End Audio Recap"*, I leave you today with a soundbite of it. It's a catchy tune, they play it whenever C.J. is on the air (or on days when he pitches in the post season). Laugh at me if you must, but it can make me smile even when I'm having a bad day. :)

*Ben and Skin is a sports talk show that airs on 103.3FM ESPN in Dallas weekdays 9-noon (CST). I love these guys. Even if you don't live in Dallas, you can listen to them online. Go here. They make me laugh!! :)

Encouragement for 2011
God is for you.
God loves you.
God will guide you.
God will not fail you.
God will be with you.
God will provide for you.
God will bless you.
God will give you rest.
God will strengthen you.
God will answer you.
God will uphold you.
God will keep you.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Family time

Just wanted to take a few minutes to post some pictures after day one of being "home for the holidays". 

I got to my folks Tuesday night and my mother had already made 34 1/2 dozen cookies. No, there is no bake sale going on- these are for my family. Yes, my family is that big! I think she still has more to make. So far she has made peanut butter and chocolate chip. I think she still has to make oatmeal cookies.

Cookies anyone? Yes, they are individually wrapped. They stay fresher longer that way!

Yesterday she spent most of the morning working on the pecan pies. Her pies are famous worldwide- oh, I'm very serious. My parents were missionaries and while they were living in Brazil, she would make pies. They have a few pecan trees in their backyard so my dad has spent time picking them up (my mom hates for pecans to go to waste). He has this fancy device that he rolls over them so he doesn't have to bend over and pick them up- whoever invented this is a genius!

Picking up pecans

After the pecans are shelled, my dad crushes them in this handy dandy electric crusher. My dad said this might surpass the cell phone and computer as the greatest electronic device out there. Before they had this they would have to cut the pecans individually to get them to be the right size.

Stirring the pie mix

Ready to add the crushed pecans to the batter

Pouring the mix into the pie crust

Fresh out of the oven!

She ended up with a total of 11 pies. I didn't get a picture of all of them. 

Now that cookies and pies are made, my mom and oldest sister and I are going to brave the crowds and do some last minute shopping. EEK! I think we are crazy. Before I go, I wanted to post a few more pictures! :)
My great-nephew "E" loves his musical snow globe!

My friend Mel sent me this picture, not sure who took it (these are not her dogs), but this is so adorable!

I actually had this last night but I'll post it for my Thursday Thirsty. A Dr Pepper ice cream float- made with Blue Bell ice cream. Nothing like watching A Christmas Carol while enjoying an ice cream float! :)

Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays...

All my bags are packed...I'm ready to go...T-minus 6 and a half hours until I hit the road to head to my folks for Christmas. Remember when you were little and it was the last day of school before Christmas break? That is how I feel right now at work. I'm so ready to leave! Do I REALLY have to be here? I filled my iPod with enough Christmas songs to last me the three hour drive. My truck is packed with my suitcase, presents and laptop and safely waiting for me in our secured parking garage here in the "big pink building".

I can't remember if I posted a picture of the Christmas tree in our lobby. This is view of the lobby from my 5th floor office window.

We have a reindeer sitting on the bench outside the building. 

It's kinda creepy, but I couldn't resist getting a picture by it! :) Yes, I'm wearing my Santa hat today!

So, I wanted to post this video of my friend James David Carter singing "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas". He is awesome, I love his voice. For more info on him, go to his Facebook page here, his Myspace page here or his Twitter page here.

Since I'm going to my folks today, I can't guarantee I'll be able to update my blog until I get back next week. I'm going to try hard to though. Just in case I don't get a chance, I wanted to wish you and your loved ones a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. May you be blessed!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Rachel's 12 Days of Christmas

I'm sure everyone has heard the popular Christmas song, 'The 12 Days of Christmas". For more on the history of the song, click here. Now, no disrespect to the author of this, but I'm not sure how I would feel about receiving any of the items listed: drummers, pipers swans, geese, hens and a partridge. Although the pear tree I could handle, I like pears. :) So, I thought that I needed to write "Rachel's 12 Days of Christmas". Since I haven't met my "true love", I'm replacing that with "Santa" for now. 

On the first day of Rachel's Christmas, Santa gave to me: a number one starting pitcher for the Texas Rangers pitching rotation. 
Oh yes, I'm so ready for the 2011 season (102 day until Opening Day, not that I'm counting). We lost out on resigning Cliff Lee (my only saving grace is that he didn't go to the Yankees- he went back to Philadelphia- he likes the National League better than the American League.) And now Zack Greinke (another good pitcher we had interest in) has gone to Milwaukee. As much as I **heart** my sweet C.J., he's not a number 1 starting pitcher, yet (well, except in my mind of course). **sigh** Speaking of C.J., the Rangers need to resign him to a long term contract before he becomes a free agent next year. ARE YOU LISTENING RANGERS??

Sweet C.J. Again, I'm not a stalker, I'm just a fan! :)

On the second day of Rachel's Christmas, Santa gave to me: Two tickets to the Super Bowl.
The Super Bowl is being held at Jonestown this year (aka Cowboys Stadium). I live about 20 minutes from there. I would LOVE to go (just to say I've been to the Super Bowl). I've been working hard trying to find connections for free tickets. If you know of any available, please let me know! :) If you have an extra ticket and need someone to go with you, I will take care of parking!! :)

On the third day of Rachel's Christmas, Santa gave to me: Three backstage passes to see Rascal Flatts.
I love Rascal Flatts. Click here for pictures of me at their concert last year! I've seen them in concert five times- they are awesome. Even if country music makes you start twitching and causes hives to break out on your arms, I think you would like them and should give them a chance. Click here for their website to hear some of their songs.

Rascal Flatts. I **heart** Joe Don (far left).

On the fourth day of Rachel's Christmas, Santa gave to me: Four sets of Rangers season tickets.
Baseball is more fun when you are with friends- if I had four season tickets, I could take three friends with me to the games. See, I'm a giver, I look out for others! :)

Me and Rangers co-owner, Chuck Greenberg. Maybe he can get me season tickets?

On the fifth day of Rachel's Christmas, Santa gave to me: FIVE SPURS CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS.
Yes, I live in Dallas, BUT I didn't grow up here (I've only lived here about six and a half years). My parents are from San Antonio, therefore, the Spurs were the basketball team of choice for my family while I was growing up. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike the Mavericks, I do cheer for them. If the Spurs can't make it to the Finals, I cheer for the Mavs. The Spurs have won the NBA Championship in 1999, 2003, 2005 and 2007. I would love to get that fifth one this year!! :)

Me wearing my Tim Duncan jersey (a gift from my friend Martha a few years ago).

On the sixth day of Rachel's Christmas, Santa gave to me: Six Chick Fil-A milkshakes.
I've said it before, I'll say it again. Chick Fil-A milkshakes are manna from heaven!

Me enjoying a much needed Chick Fil-A milkshake!

On the seventh day of Rachel's Christmas, Santa gave to me: Seven seasons of NCIS on DVD. 
My new addiction. I tried for years not to go to the dark side and watch it (seeing that I'm already addicted to the CSI series), but I finally caved and got hooked (like I knew I would). My favorite character is McGee (are you really surprised that I like the nerdy guy? Yeah, I'm not either!) :)

On the eighth day of Rachel's Christmas, Santa gave to me: Eight pints of Blue Bell ice cream.
For those who have never experienced Blue Bell ice cream, I am so sorry. You need to visit one of the shaded states below that sell Blue Bell! :)

On the ninth day of Rachel's Christmas, Santa gave to me: Nine new outfits from Kohl's. 
I love Kohl's. I would say about 85% percent of the clothes in my closet came from Kohl's.

On the tenth day of Rachel's Christmas, Santa gave to me: Ten vacation days from work.
I figured if I had ten days off work, I could really take a good vacation. I could knock out a lot of baseball ballparks on my list! For those of you who don't know, I'm trying to see all the MLB ballparks in North America.

On the eleventh day of Rachel's Christmas, Santa gave to me Eleven new books by Allison Brennan and Roxanne St. Claire.
I've mentioned them before, but I'll mention them again. These are two of my favorite authors. If you are a fellow book worm, I recommend checking out Allison's website here and Roxanne's website here. They both have new books coming out soon. I'm counting down the days!! :)

On the twelfth day of Rachel's Christmas, Santa gave to me: A Twelve pack of Dr Pepper.
I'm a Pepper, he's a Pepper, she's a Pepper, we're a Pepper, wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?

So, what would YOU like for your 12 Days of Christmas?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy happy joy joy!

Happy Friday friends!! Are you glad it's the weekend? I know I am!! It's my flex day so I am off work at 11:30. Wahoo!! **happy dance**

So, I was out buying stuff for my department Christmas party earlier week. I stopped on the "Christmas aisle" at Kroger to pick up some Hershey kisses and peppermint candy canes....and that is when I saw them.

Gobstopper and Spree flavored candy canes!!! Now, as some of you know, I'm not a huge "sweets" person. I don't eat cake, pie and stuff like that. And the only cookies I usually eat are ones that my mom makes. BUT, I have a weakness for candy- especially from the good man Willy Wonka. It is just pure greatness. And yes, I bought these candy canes just for me. I bought regular candy canes for our Christmas party. **insert evil laugh**

Oh, I just realized that I haven't posted a picture of the Christmas tree at my apartment. Isn't it lovely?

I'll try and take some of the lights around my balcony this weekend. Some friends and I are driving around looking at Christmas lights tomorrow night (it's become a tradition). We might watch a Christmas movie afterward. I can't believe that Christmas is just over a week away! Seriously, where did December go?? I only work Monday and Tuesday next week. After work on Tuesday I'm heading to my folks. Wahoo! I can't wait.

If you would like to participate in Five Question Friday, go here.

1. Do you regift, and if so, do you have a regifting horror story?
I have regift items that I received at "White Elephant" Christmas parties (also called "Sneaky Santa", it's where people can steal gifts from each other).

2. Do you know what you are getting for Christmas this year?
Well, I already got a Michael's (craft store) gift card from a friend at work. And my Secret Santa got me a Half Price Books gift card. And my friend Tina got me a Chick Fil A gift card. Wahoo! I love gift cards!

Chick Fil A gift card from my friend Tina (it came in this cute cow stocking). It's next to the much needed chocolate milkshake I had the other day. Yum..milkshakes!

3. Who brings the most gifts in your family, you or Santa?
Okay, honestly, Santa didn't really give gifts at my house growing up. It's not that my parents were opposed to the idea of Santa but most of the gifts came from my parents (or siblings). I think the bicycle I got when I was 8 was from "Santa".

4. What store do you love to by jeans from?
I'm a big fan of Kohl's so that is where I get most of my clothes from. I'm not "committed" to a specific brand of jeans. I usually go with what is on sale. The last time I went jean shopping I had to go up one size in my jeans though. I may, or may not, have cried a little.

5. Christmas meal: A Big, All Out Meal or Snacks?
We usually have a big meal (my family is fond of holidays that involve food!) ;) We used to do the Christmas turkey or ham meal, but lately we've been doing something different for Christmas lunch/dinner. Last year we had fajitas. I remember one year we went to IHOP for Christmas lunch.

As part of Fab Friend Friday, I would like to introduce my new friend Shalyn. Check out her blog, Laugh until your cheeks hurt She's really cool!! :)

Happy weekend!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday 13- Christmas movie style!

Last week I mentioned some of my favorite Christmas songs. Today I thought I would post 13 of my favorite Christmas movies as part of my Thursday 13.

It's A Wonderful Life (1946): One of my favorite movies! My sister Martha and I watch it every year at Thanksgiving (to kick off the Christmas movie watching season). A classic tale of a man who gets to see what his hometown would be like had he never lived. Jimmy Stewart is another one of my favorite actors! By the way, I prefer the black and white version, not the colorized version!

White Christmas (1954): One of my favorite Bing Crosby movies! A successful song-and-dance team become romantically involved with a sister act and team up to save the failing Vermont inn of their former commanding general.

Holiday Inn (1942): At an inn which is only open on holidays, a crooner and a hoofer vie for the affections of a beautiful up-and-coming performer. The song "White Christmas" made it's debut in this movie. Bing Crosby's version will forever be my favorite one of this song.

Christmas Child (2003): A life-sized nativity leads a man to learn about his past. Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman makes an appearance in this movie as a preacher who sings (not too much of an acting stretch for him!) :)

Charlie Brown Christmas (1965): Repelled by the commercialism he sees around him, Charlie Brown tries to find the true meaning of Christmas. This is my favorite scene in the movie!

A Christmas Carol (1984): An old miser who makes excuses for his uncaring nature learns real compassion when 3 ghosts visit him on Christmas Eve. This movie has been remade many times, but the George C. Scott version has to be my favorite!

Miracle on 34th Street (1947): I prefer the older version, I didn't really care for the remake of this back in the 90s. When a nice old man who claims to be Santa Claus is institutionalized as insane, a young lawyer decides to defend him by arguing in court that he is the real thing. Again, give me the black and white version of this movie, I don't like colorization of old movies! This is a cute scene in the movie.

Christmas in Connecticut (1945): A food writer who has lied about being the perfect housewife must try to cover her deception when her boss and a returning war hero invite themselves to her home for a traditional family Christmas.

The Bishop's Wife (1947): Ah, Cary Grant. Gotta love him! A bishop trying to get a new cathedral built prays for guidance. Yes, they remade this as The Preacher's Wife back in the 90s, again, I prefer the original! I love the trailer for the movie!

A Christmas Story (1983): You'll shoot your eye out! Ralphie has to convince his parents, teachers, and Santa that a Red Ryder BB gun really is the perfect gift for the 1940's.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966 cartoon version): A grumpy hermit hatches a plan to steal Christmas from the Whos of Whoville.
The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992): The Muppet characters tell their version of the classic tale of an old and bitter miser's redemption on Christmas Eve. I love this scene! Rizzo!

The Christmas Box (1995): I think I like this one because I like Richard Thomas (John Boy from The Waltons). A ski-shop owner and his wife and daughter move in with an elderly widow who needs help. Meanwhile he suffers from recurring dreams.
Honorable Mentions:

Babes in Toyland (1961): Since I grew up watching The Disney Channel, this version aired all the time, especially at Christmas. Besides, who doesn't like a good Annette Funicello movie! After getting fired for messing up an order from Santa Claus, toymakers Stan and Ollie rescue Bo-Peep and Tom Tom from Bogeyland.

Mickey's Christmas Carol (1983): What can I say, I watched a lot of The Disney Channel back in the 80's. This is the first version of A Christmas Carol that I remember seeing. The classic Disney animated characters play the roles in this animated retelling of the Charles Dickens masterpiece.

One Magic Christmas (1985): An angel must show a mother the true meaning of Christmas. It's not just presents and materialistic things, but the people she cares about.

(I just discovered these below last year and absolutely love them!)
Remember the Night (1940): This stars Fred MacMurray (of My Three Sons fame) and Barbara Stanwyck (from Christmas in Connecticut). Just before Christmas, Lee Leander is caught shoplifting. It is her third offense. She is prosecuted by John Sargent. He gets the trial postponed because it is hard to get a conviction at Christmastime. But he feels sorry for her and arranges for her bail, and ends up taking her home to his mother for Christmas.
Fitzwilly (1967): I'm ashamed to admit this is a Dick Van Dyke movie I had never even heard of until last year when it aired on the Turner Classic Movie channel. It also stars Barbara Feldon (AKA Agent 99 to all you Get Smart fans!) A butler funds his employer's charitable activities with various illicit schemes, climaxing in an attempt to rob Gimbels department store on Christmas Eve. I LOVE IT!!

I was recently told about Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash. I believe I'll be having that for my Thirsty Thursday.

I'm not really wearing a "special outfit", but I am wearing my Texas Rangers snowmen earrings. I've been wearing these all week.

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Reason for the Season

This time of year, I feel that people (and I group myself into this category because I'm just as guilty)  get so caught up in the "commercialism" of Christmas, that we forget the real reason we celebrate it. I'm not saying anything is wrong with the Christmas music, Christmas movies, goodies, parties, gifts, etc. But I wanted to take time today to post a reminder of the real "reason for the season". My dad sent me this video, I really like this song.

Blessings to you and your loved ones this Christmas season!

Love and hugs,


Monday, December 13, 2010


If you are a long time follower of my blog, you know that my all time favorite actor is Dick Van Dyke. Today Mr. Van Dyke is turning 85. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR!!

In honor Mr. Van Dyke, I thought I would post some videos of his work. Happy, happy birthday Mr. Van Dyke! :)

The Penguin scene from Mary Poppins (maybe Dick Van Dyke started the whole "low-rider" fad with the pants??) ;)

It's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious...


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Dick Van Dyke Show intro

Diagnosis Murder intro (his TV show in the 90's, his son Barry starred in it as well).

A funny scene from Diagnosis Murder where Dr. Sloan sees Rob Petrie (from the Dick Van Dyke Show)

Dick Van Dyke was recently on The Craig Ferguson Show