Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Twitter Tuesday and Blog Challenge Day 13

Thought I'd start off my blog today with another edition of Twitter Tuesday. Please see below for my Blog Challenge. 

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What I tweet about:

I thank famous people for following me. One of my favorite authors followed me last week. She mentioned how she appreciated this blog post. 

I live tweet my dates. Okay, I really don't. I sent this tweet last week (and also put the same thing on Facebook). I had like 15 people messaging me asking who Hugh was. I went to see The Wolverine. You know, with HUGH Jackman. But if Hugh would like a date with me, I'm sure I could make time in my busy schedule for that. :)
I express my anger over the whole Time Warner dropping CBS debacle. I don't care who is wrong. I better not miss any of my CBS TV shows or football games this fall. GET IT TOGETHER! Randomness With Rachel is not responsible for any un-Rachel like words in the following tweets. Even though technically I did type them. It was out of anger though, I wasn't myself.

I look for any opportunity to mention Sharknado. ;)

I express how upset I get over little things. For the record, the defender of the Alamo was Jim BOO-E. Not BO-E. It is not pronounced the same as David Bowie, the scary spandex wearing dude in Labyrinth

Would you believe I tweet about the Rangers? I also live tweet games sometimes, it's fun. :)

I even mention the Cowboys every now and then.

Sometimes my tweet get a little serious...
And sometimes my tweets are just random...

Blog challenge Day 13: What experiences have you had in the E.R.?

Oh wow, I've been to the E.R. more than I would like to admit (but I'm obviously going to).

-E.R. visit #1: is when I was a freshman in college. I had a bad upper respiratory infection. I was having trouble breathing and my roommate woke up my dorm mom at like midnight. She drove me to the hospital to get checked out. No lie, the doctor on call was named Dr. Pepper. I still have the medicine bottle with her name on it as proof. It's somewhere in the many boxes in my storage unit. 

-E.R. visit #2: I got a concussion AND cracked my tailbone my sophomore year in college (if you would like to hear the long, embarrassing story, click here). And yes, I injured both my head and my tailbone, in the same move, I'm that talented.

-E.R. visit #3: I had just graduated college. I was a sports editor of a newspaper and was covering the local rodeo. I was trying to get pictures from the shoot (that is where the cowboys get on the bull). These nice cowboys were trying to give me a boost so I could stand on the platform for a better picture. We all somehow missed that there was a metal bar near the top, and when they boosted me up, I hit my head on the bar. I was more embarrassed than anything, so I played it off. About an hour later I was driving home and called my roommate to tell her what had happened. At that time I was a little confused (I kept asking what side the yellow line was supposed to be on) and she demanded that I pull over and she and a friend came and picked me up and took me to the E.R.

-E.R. visit #4: I woke up with a bad case of vertigo and couldn't find a doctor who could work me in that day, so a coworker drove me to the local hospital. I was severely dehydrated and was hooked up to an IV pretty much all day. If you don't know what vertigo is, trust me, it sucks (click here).

-E.R. visit #5: Opening Day 2008 my friends Aaron, Brandy, and I were hit by a drunk driver leaving the Rangers game. Well, actually the drunk driver hit the car in front of them, and THAT car hit us, but we were hit pretty hard. I was in the backseat of Aaron's extended cab pick-up. I thankfully had a seat belt on, but I hit my head on the back windshield (there are no headrests on those seats). It was my first time riding in an ambulance. I actually had JUST started the job where I'm at now. I was out the rest of the week, I was so worried I was gonna be fired. Have I mentioned I work for an awesome company? They were so understanding. Believe me, I have worked at places that would not have been so understanding.

-E.R. visit #6: Two years ago on Halloween a co-worker and I were rear-ended while we were out at lunch. I am willing to bet money the girl was texting while driving and just wasn't paying attention. We called our boss, who showed up and convinced us to go to the E.R. to get checked out. We both had to get X-rays and MRIs. My friend's Jeep was totaled. I had bad whiplash and an injury to my knee (which had been rammed into the dashboard). I actually had to see a chiropractor for over 6 months because of the injury to my neck. To this day, I still have a little trouble with my neck because of it.

Anyways, that's more about my medical history than anyone really cares about. Please tell me I'm not the only one out there who has had multiple E.R. visits??


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