Friday, December 30, 2011

A Look Back at 2011

I know this isn't an original blog post at all (especially since I've already seen at least 5 bloggers I follow on Twitter mention doing a 2011 wrap up post). Feel free to check the side bar to the right and check out any posts that you might have missed over the past year (or years). I'm not going to bore you with EVERY little detail from 2011, but I will try and do a "Cliff Notes" version. Okay, a LONG Cliff Notes version.

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Evidently 2011 was a year where I posted embarrassing pictures from my past. No comments on my poor hair choices please. I am a child of the 80s and teenager of the 90s.

8th grade Pep Squad officer

Freshman soccer picture
Senior prom with my best friend Zach

I was able to go visit good friends who I don't get to see very often.

(L-R) With Mandy and Kristin, I've known them for like 23 years!

(L-R) With Jami (AKA, my little sister) and Kristal. We all grew up in church together

I got iced/snowed in my apartment for almost a week (resulting in Cabin Fever). After being stuck indoors for the week, I braved the roads and went to Whataburger on Day 5!

I attended Rangers FanFest. 

Waiting outside (in the cold) for over an hour waiting on the doors to open
Rangers manager Ron Washington
Me and outfielder Craig Gentry. Insert fan girl sigh here

I was an extra in a film being made about former Arlington mayor Tom Vandergriff.

With my friend Monica, in our best 60's costumes
With actor Mark Nutter, who is portraying Tom Vandergriff in the film
They gave out door prizes to the extras as a thank you for participating. I won a Washington Senators pennant. It was autographed by Ted Williams (this once belonged to Mr. Vandergriff himself). If you are a baseball fan, you will know how awesome a Ted Williams autograph is. If you aren't, Google him. :)
I finally got to meet Katie when she came to Texas in May for a visit! 

Now she's a true Texas cowgirl!
I finally went to Paris.... 

Okay, it was Paris, Texas.

I got a promotion at work (click here to read the funny story on how my boss told me about it).

I went to MANY Rangers games. Like about 40. I can't post pictures from all of them, here are a few.

I went to the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys concert with my friends Mel and Monica. Thanks to my friend Trish, we were able to get into the NKOTB after party at the Ghost Bar.

Waiting on NKOTBSB!

The after party. Joey is in the center! :)
Taken right before Jordan Knight gave me a hug.
A very blurry picture of me and Donnie Wahlberg.
I was able to meet some of my Twitter peeps in person! I'm so glad I was able to meet them, they have become really good friends!

I donated almost 10 inches of my hair to Pink Heart Funds.

I met some pretty famous people.

Actor Donald Faison
Actor Geoff Stults

Rangers pitcher Derek "the Dutch Oven" Holland
Former Dallas Cowboys player Nate Newton
Jeff "Skin" Wade and Ben Rogers from the Ben and Skin Show on ESPN Dallas (my favorite radio program). I am now one of their "peeps". Oh yes, I'm that cool! :)
Anthony Andro from Fox Sports Southwest. One of my favorite sports journalist in the Metroplex.
I admitted I had a Twitter addiction (click here for that post).

I saw Brad Paisley in concert (click here for that recap).

I attended a few Cowboys games.

With Leaneth at the Broncos/Cowboys preseason game.

Leaneth and I were able to get into a ground level suite for the Lions game. We could see Tony Romo's multiple interceptions up close and personal that way. **shaking my head**

I saw Dick Van Dyke perform live in person with his brother Jerry in The Sunshine Boys. Sadly I didn't get to meet him, but I was on the second row, so he was literally 15 feet in front of me! And everyone in our section got an autographed picture of both of the Van Dyke brothers!

A picture of the stage from my seat. Shhh, I wasn't supposed to take a picture.
My autograph!
I went to the State Fair of Texas (I went twice actually).

I celebrated when the Rangers won the American League pennant for the second year in a row. I still can't talk about the outcome of the World Series though, the wound is too fresh. :( I still need time.

I wrote about how my life would be if I were a celebrity (click here).

I spent time with my four adorable great-nephews.
C and Aunt Rachel taking a picture with her phone. Why yes, that is a Rangers iPhone cover!

Birthday boy E doesn't want to take a picture right now.
B and G loved being able to see the picture on my phone after we took it.

I saw Huey Lewis and the News in concert (front row!)

I spent time with my wonderful family during the holidays!

My folks with their six children.
Sorry this recap was longer than I was expecting. Sadly this doesn't cover half of the stuff I did in 2011, but it was fun going back over some of it. I'm looking forward to 2012 and I hope you continue to check out my blog. Thank you sweet friends for taking time to read my posts. It means so much to me!! Happy New Year and may God bless you and your family in the New Year!