Saturday, August 17, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 17- Cars that I have owned

Blog Challenge Day 17: Talk about the cars you have owned.

-1985 Ford LTD- it belonged to my grandma, when she stopped driving, it became my car when I was about 16. I had this car for about a year before we sold it. Then I had to start sharing my dad's car with him.
Picture stolen from Google. My car looked similar to this, except it was gray.
-1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme- this was my dad's car, but I drove it when I first moved off to college after my parents moved to Thailand to do mission work.
Picture stolen from Google, but this is exactly what my car looked like.
-1996 Plymouth Neon- this was the first car that was bought solely for me. I got it when I was a junior in college.
Me and my buddy Jake washing my Neon.
-2001 Nissan Xterra-this was the first vehicle that I paid for completely on my own. I bought it in 2004 shortly before I moved to Dallas. This was my vehicle that was stolen last year.
My poor, sweet Xterra.
-2012 Mazda 3- my current car. Although I enjoyed my SUV the past 9 years, I'm loving that I spend less money on gas for this vehicle. It gets great gas mileage.
So thankful for covered parking at my complex. Took this after a thunderstorm in the spring, my car had no damage. :)
So, what kind of cars have you owned?


  1. 1979 Chevy Caprice
    1971 GMC G-10 Van
    1989 Ford Festiva
    1985 Ford Thunderbird
    1994 Chrysler Concorde
    and currently 1993 Ford Crown Victoria
    Yeah, I've owned some crappy cars!

  2. I had a pathfinder in law school but then switched to a mid-size sedan for gas mileage reasons. I've downsized even more to my new Hyundai Elantra. Seriously, there is NO substitute for 30+ mpg and being able to whip that baby into little spots that other cars have to pass up! :)