Monday, August 27, 2012

Phone Photo Fun Monday!

Here is what's on my phone this week...

My friend Paul lives in Atlanta and got me a Chipper Jones bobblehead two weeks ago at a game. I got it in the mail last week. I was SO excited! :)
Finally met my Twitter friend Misti at a Rangers game last week!
Great minds think alike..and wear the same shirt to the game. This was my first game of the week.
This guy was in front of us at the game. Business in the in the back.
Me and my friend Skeeter at my second game of the week.
There is a new outlet mall near my apartment. This was at Saks 5th Ave. They said it was real fur. How BIG was the animal this came off of?
Got tickets to my company's suite for game number 3 of the week. Outside the Ballpark sailors were taking donations for the Navy. They gave flags to all who donated. God bless all branches of our military!
My view after Adrian Beltre got the single he needed to hit for the cycle. For those non baseball folks, click here for what that means. I was excited, it was the first cycle I had seen live in person! :)
Friday nights are Firework Night at the Ballpark!
Tailgating before the Rangers game Saturday (yes, I have a baseball problem). :)
Me and Julie before the game
Me and Monica looking adorable in our hats
Yes, we love to take pictures!
My friend Chance finally decided to sit with the cool kids at the game.
Rangers win!! I like Texas..ain't it fine here
The giveaway item on Saturday was this Ron Washington bobblehead. Possibly the greatest bobblehead ever! :)
My bobblehead/figurine collection.
Happy Monday everyone!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's OK...

It's OK... think there is a fine line between friendly teasing and bullying. be reminded how short life is and that we aren't guaranteed tomorrow. Tell your family and friends that you love them. Every day.

...that once again I've started my It's OK post on a serious note.

...that I'm already looking forward to next weekend because I plan to lock myself in my apartment and talk to no one. If you call and I don't answer, yes, I'm ignoring you. I need a "me" weekend. I'm starting to get burnt out. Don't get me wrong, I love going out and doing stuff with my friends, but I want a weekend where I can stay in my PJs all day and watch Netflix. Don't judge. once again remind people they have until August 25th to help out my friend Brian with his Make-A-Wish fundraiser (click here). Thanks in advance.

...that this describes me perfectly:

...that I've been utterly exhausted all day after being out late at the Rangers game last night. BUT it was totally worth it to see Adrian Beltre hit three home runs (two in one inning) and see Mitch Moreland's first career grand slam*.

What's OK with you?


*Mitch actually hit a grand slam last year against the A's, but heavy rains caused the game to be washed out (meaning that none of the runs counted because they had to start the game over on another day). We've been waiting for Mitch to finally hit another grand slam to make up for it! Glad I was there to see it!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Phone Photo Fun Monday

Here is what is on my phone this week:

Storms heading my way on Friday evening...

Saw this shirt at Kohl's on Saturday. I had to text a picture of it to my friend Laura (one of my favorite Longhorns). :)
The storm clouds on my way to the Brad Paisley concert on Saturday evening...the closer we got to the venue, the darker the clouds got...

A picture of Khrystal, Laura, and myself before the rain started...

Even in the rain we still look cute...

The rain got so bad they moved everyone out in the lawn area to the covered seating area...

Thanks to my friend Laura for letting me steal these pictures from her blog! :)
Taking pictures while waiting to see if the concert would go on...
Me and Laura
My poor hair, it looked so cute at the beginning of the evening. Khrystal's hair still looked cute, despite the down pour (so not fair!) :)
We told Aaron there was no escaping a picture!
After two hours of sitting in the rain, they had to cancel the concert due to safely reasons (one of the main reasons was that the roof area covering the stage was leaking, and there was standing water). :( We were told to hold on to our tickets because the concert would be rescheduled. Oh well, I still had fun hanging out with friends.

So, I've decided to make a wreath that I saw on Pinterest. We will see if I actually get it done, but I purchased the wreath base from Michael's on Sunday (if I actually get this made, I'll post pictures!) :)

It was a wonderful 68 degrees this morning. And the high tomorrow is supposed to only be 82. Is it Fall already?? :)

Have a great week y'all!!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Book Club Friday

If you know me, you know I have a bad habit of reading more than one book at a time (I may or may not be currently reading about four books). BUT, I did start and finish the following book this past week. 

When 28-year-old Lexi Smart wakes up in a London hospital, she is in for a big surprise. Her teeth are perfect. Her body is toned. Her handbag is Vuitton. Having survived a car accident- in a Mercedes no less- Lexi has lost a big chunk of her memory, three years to be exact, and she's about to find out just how much things have changed. Somehow Lexi went from a 25-year-old working girl to a corporate big shot with a sleek new loft, a personal assistant, a carb-free diet, and a set of glamorous new friends. And who is this gorgeous husband-who also happens to be a multimillionaire? With her mind stuck three years in reverse, Lexi greets this brave new world determined to be the person she...well, seems to be. That is, until an adorable disheveled architect drops the biggest bombshell of all. Suddenly Lexi is scrambling to catch her balance. Her new life, it turns out, comes complete with secrets, schemes, and intrigue. How on earth did all this happen? Will she ever remember? And what will happen when she does?

This was the first book by Sophie Kinsella that I've read and I LOVED it. I read a review on one of her other books (actually found it on a Book Club Friday blog hop), so when I saw this one at Half Price Books, I thought I'd give her a try. First of all- I like her writing style. It was very easy to read, I probably read about half of the book in one sitting. The author is from England, so there were some British terms I had to look up (like a quid- which is a slang term for their currency). But that wasn't a distraction (and I learned something new!)

I actually have another book by Sophie that I plan to read soon. If the writing is anything like this novel, I won't be disappointed.

Has anyone else ever read Sophie Kinsella? What do you think of her?

Happy weekend!!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's OK...

 It's OK... avoid talking about my personal political beliefs. I'm so ready for this stupid election to be over so Facebook and Twitter can return to normal. I respect people for whatever they believe, but I am SO SICK of all the bickering and name calling going on in social media. Please don't tell people they are stupid or incompetent because they believe something different than you. And don't post something political and then act surprised when people disagree with you. Let's just agree to disagree and keep politics out of our friendship (whether it be real or online). You aren't going to change my mind, I'm not going to change yours. Some of my best friends and I disagree on politics, but we don't focus on that, we focus on what we have in common. **stepping off soapbox** start my It's OK post by venting.

...that I skipped my workout last night because I didn't get home until after 8pm and was just too tired. post this link yet again to help out my friend Brian's fundraiser for Make-A-Wish.

...that I think this is a cute picture of Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and his baby boy, Hawkins.

...that I get bummed when I go shopping and can't find any of the cute outfits I see on Pinterest.

...that I'm kind of excited I won this purse at work. I've been told it's being shipped to me. I have lots of baseball purses, this will be my first football purse.

...that I possibly dance around my apartment whenever I hear this song.

...that even though I don't understand Craig Gentry's nickname of "Kittenface" (someone on Twitter gave it to him), I think he looks adorable in the "Kittenface" T-shirt he got this week.
He's doing the "duck lips" all wrong, I need to show him how to do it! ;)
...that I'm looking forward to the Brad Paisley concert on Saturday night but I'm also prepared to cry when he sings "Waiting on a Woman". (Andy Griffith was in the music video for that song, I know he's going to show it). I need to remember to take tissues.

...that in the past week I've spent an unspeakable amount of money on Rangers playoff tickets (I will hopefully need them) and tickets to a Cowboys game in October. Oh, the things I do for sports. :)

What's OK with you today??


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh, how Pinteresting...

Another reminder, check out my friend Brian's Make-A-Wish Fundraising Page here!! Thanks!

I'm linking up with The Vintage Apple for Oh, how Pinteresting. These are just a few things I have pinned on Pinterest lately. (follow me on Pinterest here)

Pardon me while I jump off a building to see which superhero will save me first...

Not gonna lie, this will probably always be my favorite diamond....

 This just gave me a fantastic idea! ;)

You have no idea how true this is!

I love Audrey Hepburn (if you haven't noticed!) :) 

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Must go shoe shopping...

Who would like to go to Belize with me?

So, so true...oh Rhett! :)

 I love this bathtub...

I would accept this as a Christmas gift...I'm just saying... :)

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest