Monday, August 26, 2013

Blog Challenge Catch-Up

I know, I'm behind a few days on my blog challenge. Oops, the weekend got away from me, sorry about that. Anyways, here we go...

Day 24: What sports have you participated in?

I played soccer until my junior year of high school (I injured my knees and couldn't play anymore). And as much as I love baseball, no I never played that or softball. I throw like a girl, but I can kick well. :)
Soccer team my freshman year (sorry it's kinda blurry, it's scanned from my yearbook)
Day 25: What are some of your favorite memories with your grandparents?

Two of my grandparents passed away when I was really young, so I don't have a lot of memories with them. I have very little memories of my dad's father. I know he would sit in his favorite chair, and when it was time to leave he would always say, "let me see if I have any change for the children". My mom's mother passed away the same year as my dad's father. I can vaguely remember going to visit my grandma Frances (as we called her). I can remember the smell of her perfume (but I can't tell you the name of it for the life of me).

I'm sitting on my grandma's lap, and my nephew Danny is on my grandpa's. My sister Mary and brothers Mark and David are behind us.
I don't have any scanned pictures of me with my grandma Frances. Here is one I found on Facebook, not sure what year this was taken. I'm guessing the 60s.
My mom's father passed away the day before my 11th birthday. I remember for a while he used to live on the second floor of this garage-type apartment. I remember it was always 90 degrees in there. He kept the furnace going year round. He also collected newspapers. There were PILES of them everywhere. I forget how old I was when he moved into a nursing home, maybe like seven or eight. This is one of the last pictures we took with him.
Me and my niece Alice with my "Granddaddy" (that is what I called him).
I have the most memories of my dad's mom. I remember going to visit her in San Antonio when I was little. I knew we were getting close to grandma's apartment when we passed by "the big boots" (these are located outside North Star Mall). When I lived in San Antonio 10 years ago, my office building was very close to these!
The big boots!
Grandma moved in with us when I was 10, and live with us until I was almost 17. I remember when I was about 11, I was in her room, and she was teaching me to cross stitch (yes, I cross stitch). We were watching the original version of The Omen. She kept saying, "don't tell your daddy I let you watch this movie." I just remember the part when some guy got decapitated and I was like, "grandma, that's man's head is rolling down a hill." Perhaps this is where my love of scary movies comes in! I also watched The Shining with her. My grandma had a stroke in the mid-90s and eventually was moved into a rest home, where she lived until she passed away in 2001.

Me and my grandma- I miss her so much.
Day 26: If you were forced to go back in time to olden days, but were allowed to take 10 modern conveniences with you, what would you take?

This all depends what "olden days" we are talking about. I mean, if I go too far back, and there is no electricity, it's pointless to take anything that needs a charge. Wait- I'm over-thinking this. I'm gonna assume it won't matter if I need electricity or not. There are no rules in time travel, right? :)

-iPhone: because it would freak people out that I could do all these things with just a phone. And I'm going to assume that the iPhone would have my "time travel app" for me to bounce back in forth between now and then. :)
-electronic reader: I know, I don't even own one, but I'm probably going to want to read, and this will be easier than carrying boxes full of books while I'm traveling through time. Although I still support the buying of real books. I still like them better! But for time travel purposes, I would take an E-reader.
-sunscreen: As you all know, I burn easily. I don't know when exactly sunscreen was invented, so I want to play it safe!
-hair straightener: I look like a rabid poodle if I can't straighten my hair.
-toothbrush: okay, maybe it's not technically a "modern" convenience, I just don't like the thought of traveling without one.
-laptop: Because I'm going to want to keep a journal of all my adventures. And my handwriting is terrible. And I'm too lazy to write things out long-hand.
-Snuggie: I get cold very easily, so I want to be prepared. Also, the folks back in time are going to think people in the future are stupid for paying money for something that is basically a robe you wear backwards. :)
-Purell: I'm not a complete germ-a-phobe, but still, I like having hand sanitizer handy.
-Dr Pepper: Because I cannot live in an era where it doesn't exist.
-gum: I always have gum. Preferably cinnamon flavored.

I'll catch you up tomorrow on my weekend wrap up!


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