Friday, August 9, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 9- My Sense of Fashion Style (or Lack Thereof)

Day 9: What have been some of the fashion/beauty trends you've worn over the years?

Oh, I have no sense of style or fashion or "trendy things". I've fallen victim to LOTS of bad fashion trends over the years. :) Of course at the time, I didn't realize I wasn't cool. I'm slowly realizing I'm STILL not cool. Oh well, I'm pretty good at posting embarrassing pictures of myself on my blog, so why stop now. :) 
Since I'm so young in these pictures, can we just blame my parents for these fashion blunders? Or at least blame being a child of the late 70's, early 80's? Yeah, far left is from my kindergarten class picture. I don't know what's worse- the fact that I don't match or the fact I tried to "roll" my pants. And yes, I had "home-cut" bangs. I love the top right where the bangs are uneven. The middle picture is probably the last time I felt comfortable showing my stomach. I'm loving the bottom right where I'm wearing a turtle neck and shorts. 
My love of The New Kids on the Block is no secret. I will proudly admit that I wore my NKOTB shirt all the time! If you didn't, well, you just weren't cool. :)
Senior Prom. I'm not sure what is worse here, my bangs or my Brooke Shields-like eyebrows. 
Oh yes, I was one of "those" kids who wore my letter jacket. No need to mention it was for being a band nerd color guard geek non athlete. :)
Just some of my many hair dying jobs over the years. I was blonde when I was a kid and kept dying my hair blonde until about 7 years ago. My personal favorite is when my niece and I tried this "strawberry blonde" color and our hair went red (second picture from left). I'm not sure whose foot that is bottom right, I THINK it belonged to the guy I was dating at the time. 
Anyone else remember when henna tattoos were popular? Was I the only one who thought that? I was too chicken to get a real one. 
For some reason I went through this period where I wore fake glasses (the lens were made from a clear plastic material). No, I don't need to wear glasses. Guess I was trying to look smart? Not sure what I was thinking.
Hey- high socks rock!! The picture to the left can be blamed on the fact that I was about  eight. The picture on the right was from a few years ago when I proved to myself I could still fit into my junior high gym socks. I am a nerd.
I was one of the cool kids that got a Snuggie. Actually, I think this is a "Slanket"- the red-headed stepchild to the Snuggie.
I absolutely love toe socks. If anyone can find a pair of Texas Rangers toe socks, I will love you forever and name my first born after you. Okay, maybe not that, but I will thank you on my blog! :)
Not really a fashion trend, but the "duck lips" pose took social media by storm a while back. I mainly pose like this to annoy my friend who can't stand duck lips. :)
After years of being a tom-boy, I finally channeled my inner "girly-girl" and started dressing up for fun (and not because my mother was making me). :) 

Okay, please share your fashion trends, blunders, try and convince me I wasn't the only person who never had style. Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. I wore fake glasses too! Haha-- I always thought they made me look super smart. Lol

  2. With all of your different looks, you could be a secret agent, international spy, master of disguise, etc....... 😄

    Loved the "Brooke Sheilds eyebrows" comment! lol