Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's OK Thursday...

It's OK...

...that I haven't updated my blog this week. After my move last weekend, I have been so physically and mentally exhausted, that updating my blog has been a low priority. I do have WIFI at my new apartment now (can I get an amen) so I should get back to updating it on a more regular basis!

...that I still have a lot of crap junk stuff to unpack at my new apartment. Right now it's a maze of boxes to get through it. I promise to post pictures once it's all set up.

...that I had an inconsolable little emotional breakdown when moving out of my old apartment last Saturday (thanks to Chance for letting me cry on his shoulder- a Chance hug makes it all better). :) If you are new to my blog, click here to see why I had to move. I think it all just caught up with me. Also, if you have ever had to move in a short amount of time, you know how stressful that can be. A BIG THANKS to everyone who helped me move. I had people that had to back out at the last minute, so there weren't as many people available as I originally thought, but thanks to those who did show up (and who stepped in last minute). We got it done though, I have the BEST friends EVER! I'll post more gory details about my move next week.
Pictures of my old apartment, I took them as we were finally leaving late Saturday night.
My sweet friend Chance who drove probably over 100 miles (round trip) from his house to help me move. He made that trip both Saturday AND Sunday. I kept telling him he was awesome! :)
 ...that my family and I might have a slight obsession with Duck Dynasty. :)
My sister texted me this picture of my brother-in-law and nephew waiting for the show to start last night.

My great-nephew Christian made his own duck call!
I may or may not have made a Si mask for the premiere.
...that I found this in the back of my closet as I was packing up my clothes.
Oh yes, my letter jacket from high school. No, I didn't try it on to see if it still fits (I didn't want to depress myself if it was too tight).

....that this made me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair.
If you know me personally, you'll know why I find this so funny.
...that I'm a week behind with my February Photo Challenge. Seeing that this is the last day of February, I'll post the remaining pictures here.

Day 22: Front door
This was my front door for seven years...
Day 23: Feeling
How I feel about Duck Dynasty being back with new episodes!
Day 24: First
My first pet, Elvira. Yes, she was named after the Oak Ridge Boys song.
Day 25: Fact
This is how I feel about camping-FACT. What can I say, I'm a city girl! :)
Day 26: Fast
Fast and Furious. I love these movies! :)
Day 27: Free time
I love to read. Could I please have this library at my house?
Day 28: Frivolous 
I honestly didn't know what to use, so I just picked this picture.
We are almost to the weekend my friends (can I get another amen?) Stay strong!


Friday, February 22, 2013

My Peeps!

Last night some friends and I were able to meet up with our favorite couple from North Carolina, Katie and Donny. You might recall I went to their wedding back in November (see recap of that trip here). Katie and Donny are in town this weekend to visit Taco Cabana Whataburger The Ballpark Donny's family. I'm glad they were able to work seeing our group into their busy weekend!! I know Katie probably got some great pictures with her super fancy new camera, but for now I only have the ones we took on my phone. They are still super cute though!

I've missed this chick! Yes, I realize I look like a giant standing next to her. We were laughing about that last night!
Hanging out with Julie
Me photo-bombing a picture.
Hadn't seen my friend Mike in a while, glad he could make it!
Group shot of the ladies! These are some of my favorite gals right here!
Love my friend Lyn- she makes me laugh!
Love the picibooth app!
Happy Friday my friends. Two hours and counting until I get the keys to my new place. EEK!! I can't believe it's finally here. If you need something to make you smile, this was on my iPhone calendar today. Baseball is back! Okay, it's a Spring Training game, but still, it's baseball!! :)

Evidently Will Smith is pitching for the Royals.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's OK...

It's OK...

...that even though I really don't want to have Time Warner Cable (but have no choice in my new apartment), I signed up anyways. The customer service representative was really nice, I even talked to their supervisor and gave them a "kudos" for a job well done (I've done customer service- it's a sucky job, I have to give credit where it's due). They are coming out on Sunday to hook it up. We shall see how this goes. I promise to write a full apology to Time Warner if I end up not having any problems.

...that I'm sad I can only record two shows at once with Time Warner. With my Uverse I could record up to four things at once. I'm gonna have a problem on Wednesday nights when Duck Dynasty, Psych, and CSI are all on. I know, I watch too much TV.

...that I'm trying to blame the dreary weather on my on again, off again, bummed out mood lately. The clouds have cleared and the sun is now shining, it's time for me to cheer up! I get the keys to my new apartment in less than 24 hours. 2013 is gonna be a year of new adventures for me! It's my year! I'm not gonna let anyone get in my way! :)

...that I'm really excited I was able to buy this Rangers hoodie with a gift card that a co-worker gave me.

...that I posted this as my "throw back Thursday" picture on Instagram. My nephew might kill me though (he and I are three years apart in age).

Eating homemade Popsicles, circa 1982. I censored it so it was Internet appropriate. :)
...that I'm still stressing over my move this weekend. I'm worried I won't have enough help to move my furniture (I have really heavy furniture). I know it will all work out and in 48 hours it will all be over with!

....that thanks to a text conversation earlier with my friend Andrew, I've been listening to dcTalk songs via YouTube all afternoon.

I used to rock out to this song in junior high. Ah, memories!

February Photo Challenge:

Day 21: Fancy

Dressed up all fancy at my BFF's wedding

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving...

That in less than 48 hours I will have the keys to my new apartment. My "big move" is on Saturday, but I plan to take a couple car loads of smaller items over on Friday afternoon/evening. For all my local, strong guy friends (and strong female friends), if you are free on Saturday, I still need help moving the heavy furniture (insert sweet smile here).

I'm loving...

That I get to see my favorite couple from North Carolina TOMORROW!!! Katie and Donny are flying in to see me. Okay, they aren't JUST flying in to see ME, but next to Taco Cabana, I know Katie is looking forward to seeing me the most! ;)
Love these two!
Katie looked so freaking gorgeous in her wedding dress, I had to post another pic! :)
I'm loving...

That my buddy Brian FINALLY did a video wearing the burnt orange shirt I forced him to buy convinced him to buy when he visited Texas last year. I told him he needed to expand from wearing black, gray, and white shirts all the time. :)

I'm loving...

That I'm seeing baseball tweets in my Twitter timeline again. Granted, it's about an inner-squad spring training game, but it's still baseball! 39 days until Opening Day!!

I'm loving...

That my Twitter timeline exploded when my name and Twitter handle were mentioned on The Ticket yesterday (that's a sports radio station here in Dallas). I also got some texts from a few friends who were listening. Evidently The Ticket was dissecting the questions that were asked to Craig Gentry on Twitter last week. What? A girl can't ask a MLB player for his number without people getting all crazy?? :) BTW, I was totally kidding when I sent Anthony Andro that question, I can't believe he really asked it. Bummer it didn't work though! ;)

I'm loving...

That we are one week away from the season premieres of Duck Dynasty and Psych. :) Since they are both on at the same time, I'm SO thankful for a DVR!!

February Photo Challenge:

Day 20: Family (big family so there is more than one picture!) :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

I haven't done a Tuesday Tunes in a while so I thought I would use this post to remember country artist Mindy McCready who died on Sunday. I loved her music when I was in high school and college. Rest in peace Mindy.

February Photo Challenge:

Day 19: Food

This is what I had for lunch today (leftovers from dinner last night). Yummy food!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mobile Monday

Happy Monday my lovelies! I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was pretty good. I had a BLAST at the Rock & Worship Show on Friday night with my friends Mel and Laura. Anytime I go to a concert like that, I leave feeling so uplifted, it was great!

Killing time with Laura while riding the DART train to the AAC
Waiting for the concert to start with Mel!
Group shot with my gals!
We had really good seats. I was able to buy them through my work for a discounted price. I just put best available (it was the same price for all tickets). They had us on the second row by the floor area. It was great!
Jeremy Camp, who I love love love! He's my favorite!
MercyMe, another one of my favorite artists!
Saturday I went to the southside of town where I used to live and had dinner with my Dallas "moms". One of them was the same one I stayed with when I first got back to town. I think her cat Miss Foxie missed me! As soon as I sat down, she cuddled up next to me.

Saturday night my friend Monica and I went to the see zombie movie Warm Bodies. It was actually pretty funny. I found out if you have the Cinemark app and put it on "Cinemode" during the movie, afterward you get a coupon or discount. Sweet deal! I need to remember to use this anytime I go to a movie.

Sunday I went to church then watched movies with my roommate (who I only get to call my roommate for a few more days, since I move to my new apartment on Saturday). I can't believe my move date is finally here. I'm trying not to stress, I'm hoping I can find enough people to help me move. I'm probably renting a small U-Haul so I can fit everything in it. I just have heavy furniture. And neither my old or new apartment is on the first level (yeah stairs). 

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great weekend! I forgot to post my February Photo Challenge this weekend so you get three pictures today!

February Photo Challenge:

Day 16: Full
Being full of Blue Bell ice cream is the best kind of full there is!
Day 17: Flow

A flowing stream
Day 18: Funny
This makes me laugh. Every time!