Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What I'm Loving and Blog Challenge Day 14

I'm loving...

That season 4 of Duck Dynasty starts tonight. I'll be at the Rangers game, but you can bet I'm watching it on my DVR when I get home! :)

I'm loving...

That I got to see my former pastor at the Ballpark last night, he was sitting just a few sections over from me. I hadn't seen him in a few years. We keep up with each other on Facebook (mainly talking Rangers), but it was great to see him in person!

I'm loving...

Luke Bryan's new CD. I bought it yesterday. I've already listened to it twice. :)

I'm loving...

That this guy was nice enough to give me and my friend a free ride on his "bike-cab". My friend was having trouble walking (she hurt her ankle) and he offered to give us a ride from the Ballpark to our car (which was several blocks away). He didn't charge us. These rides normally cost about $20 plus tip. I told him I would tell everyone they needed to look for him the next time they needed a ride to or from the Ballpark. So, next time you are out at the Ballpark, look for him, his name is Matt. 

Day 14: What do you collect?

I mainly collect sports memorabilia (I know, this shocks you). The majority of it is baseball, although I have some football, hockey, and a little basketball memorabilia too. I also have autographs from some non-sports people too.

My sports room. You can kinda see my bookshelves too. I guess books are another thing I collect.

Some of my bobbleheads. I've obtained a few more since this picture was taken.
We got a free Rangers beer stein at the game last night. Since I don't drink beer, I'm guessing this will be a Dr Pepper stein?
And of course, my personalized Steve Avery autograph is one of my most prized possessions. :)
Happy Wednesday y'all!


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  1. I think you have a think for guys who drive pedi cabs! Lol