Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 20- My Celebrity Doppelganger

Blog Challenge Day 20: Do you have a celebrity doppelganger?

I honestly don't think I have a celebrity look-a-like. I did find an app where you could upload a picture and it would pick celebrities that were similar to your looks. I don't see it, but here are the ones it picked (I used a few different pictures). For those interested, you can check out the app here.

I had no clue who she was, she's been in several TV shows, including All My Children.
I've actually been told I resemble Reese Witherspoon before. I still don't see it.

So, what do you think? Do I look like any of these actresses? What about you? Do you have a celebrity "double"?



  1. I guess I can see Sally Fields some but don't you go getting all Gidget on us.

  2. Awsume blog buddy. Thanks for sharing. I love it.

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