Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

Is it sad that I didn't want to do this post because I couldn't think of a lot of things that I'm loving right now? It's just been one of those weeks (for the past two weeks), but I hate that I've been in a blogging lull lately, so I wanted to post something, just so you know that I'm alive (barely).

I'm loving...

Baseball. Last week was a rough week, so on Friday I decided to go to a Rangers game by myself. Not because I couldn't find someone to go with me, I just wanted to be by myself for a while and watch baseball, without having to make conversation with anyone. Yes, even I go through times where I don't want to talk.

Miss Independent on her way to the Ballpark, by herself...No I wasn't driving and taking a picture. I was stuck in traffic on one of our tollways, so I wasn't moving at the time. I just love that I have to pay to sit in traffic (can you hear the sarcasm?)
I had bought a cheap seat ticket near the top of the Ballpark, but I was sneaky and sat down closer (shhh). :)
I moved even closer towards the end of the game. Rangers walk off win in extra innings!
I'm loving...

My buddies. A few of my guy friends were at the game on Friday night. I met up with them in the 8th inning (we foolishly thought the game was almost over- it would end up going to 12 innings). Getting hugs from them (and a Rangers win) helped my week end on a high note. 
Yeah, I know, the one on the end never likes to smile in pictures. :) I think I make him take too many. Lol.
My friend Donny used to be my next door neighbor at my old complex. He now lives with his wife (my good friend Katie) in North Carolina. He was in town for a weekend of Rangers baseball.

I'm loving...

Late night trips to Whataburger. Sometimes a girl just wants a breakfast taquito at 11pm. Thankfully Whataburger starts serving breakfast at that time. Oh, and when I see numbers, I see Rangers jersey numbers (I know, I'm weird). 17 is now the number of Shin-Soo Choo.

The taquito was delicious- all 900 calories of it (or however many calories it has).
I'm loving...

That the cast of Hey Dude is planning a reunion in June. I'm probably more excited about this than I should be.

If you missed Hey Dude back in the late 80s/early 90s, I'm sorry your childhood wasn't complete. :) And you missed out on this snazzy theme song. I may or may not own the whole series on DVD.

Hope y'all are doing well. XOXO!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mobile Monday

A look at what pictures are currently on my iPhone.

A few weeks ago my not-that-much older sister Mary was in town for a visit. We had so much fun (and we didn't get into any trouble!) :) That Friday night we went to see Jeanne Robertson at Bass Hall in Fort Worth. It was a great show! 
Me and my sister!
A view from our seats
Jeanne Robertson is so funny!
A picture at Bass Hall
That Saturday we went to an arts and crafts festival up in Frisco. There were some interesting pieces! A few I actually wanted to buy, but couldn't afford them. It warmed up that afternoon, so we cooled off with snow cones!
I love snow cones. :)
It seems that Pudge and I are quickly becoming BFF's, this is the second tweet of mine that he has favorited in the past month. ;)

Last Thursday we had our first batch of spring storms in north Texas. I'm sure this was just the first of many to come this season.

No, I didn't go out chasing it...this time...

I love watching storms. I was trying to get pictures of the lightning, but that was impossible with my iPhone.
I had a rough afternoon Friday at work, so I started the weekend off with some cheese fries at Snuffer's. It was totally worth the four years that it probably took off my life- they were so good!! 

Saturday afternoon my friend Monica and I went to see Captain America 2. I think I liked it better than the first one (although the first one is still good). I love the Avenger movies. :) After the movie, we stopped for a late lunch. Yes, we saw a movie at the Studio Movie Grill and then ate someplace else. I personally don't think their food is that good there, I usually eat someplace else either before or after the movie.

My weekend of unhealthy eating continued when we polished off an X-large pizza on our own. Don't judge. ;)
Saturday night the BFF and I went to see the Fort Worth Symphony at Bass Hall (my second weekend in a row over in Fort Worth). It was awesome, it was Big Band music, which I love! And the BFF and I had our first Girls Night Out in forever! Her hubby and baby M had a Guys Night In at home. :)

A view from our seats
FINALLY! A picture of me and Brandy. We haven't taken one together in almost a year. I told her it was her fault for a having a cute baby, I always take pictures of him now when we hang out. :) After the symphony we headed over to a burger place for refreshments and some Final Four basketball (we have culture, and are sporty!) :)
With the Final Four in Arlington this year, ESPN was everywhere around the DFW area this weekend.
After Bible study yesterday, I stopped by Half Price Books with a friend from my group (I mean, I was FORCED to go, totally against my will). :) I finally found a book that I have been looking for- it's book one of the Harry Bosch series. The guy at the counter couldn't get the book to ring up, so he gave it to me for $1. Score! :) I possibly also bought 5 other books (all for a $1). I can't pass up $1 books- it's against my nature. :)
I can't wait to start it!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's Baseball Time in Texas!

I've had a busy week, so I haven't had time to post about Rangers Opening Day this past Monday. Despite the loss, I still had a great time tailgating and hanging out with friends! And BASEBALL IS BACK!! I'm in my happy place (visualize me doing a happy dance). :)

Tailgating with my friend Tim (aka Big Brother). 
Me and beks!
Me and the lovely Lyn
So glad I got to see my friend Travis (it seems Opening Day is the only time we hang out).
Michael is quite the ladies man. :)
Patty throws the best tailgating parties ever!
My friend Trish stopped by!
With my baseball homegirls!

View from my seat

Future Hall of Famer Greg Maddux throwing out the first pitch.
My season ticket holder bestie Monica!
The traditional flyover
The new name of the Ballpark- Globe Life Park-I still don't like how it sounds
Chance with his favorite best friend (his exact words)
Former Ranger Michael Young was at the game- he retired earlier this year
This was my 9th consecutive Rangers Opening Day/Home Opener to attend. :) I moved to Dallas in the summer of 2004. 2005 was the only Opening Day I didn't go to (I didn't get a ticket in time). I thought in honor of Throwback Thursday (#TBT to those on social media), I would post some pictures from the past opening day games I've attended.

2006: This is where I learned the hard way that you should ALWAYS take sunblock to a game
2007: It was about 30- something degrees that day. We were freezing!
2008: A warmer Opening Day than the previous year. I will always remember this as the game where my friends and I were in a bad wreck going home. I got to experience my first (and hopefully only) ambulance ride that day.
2009: Another freezing Opening Day! I believe this was the first year the Rangers brought back the red uniforms. 
2010: I'll be honest, none of us dreamed that Opening Day that our team would be playing in the World Series that October!
2011: My first year as a Rangers season ticket holder!
2012: The pain of the 2011 World Series was still fresh, but we were happy that baseball was back!
2013: The year of the "Baseball Town" slogan. :)
Hope you enjoyed a walk down memory lane!! :)