Friday, August 16, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 16- Pet Peeves

Blog Challenge Day 16: What are some of your pet peeves?

-I think my biggest pet peeve right now is bullying. And not just kids bullying kids (even though that bothers me). I'm talking about adults bullying other adults. I've noticed that people always use the defense, "Oh, I was just kidding, don't take it so personally." There is a fine line between friendly "heckling" and flat out bullying. Unfortunately I've seen a lot of it on social media (Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram). Now, I love Twitter (as you know from how much I talk about it). Twitter can be a fun place. I enjoy being on Twitter during a Rangers game and interacting with other fans. I enjoy following my fellow bloggers. I enjoy being able to read tweets from some of my favorite musicians, authors, and actors. I enjoy live tweeting Star Wars and seeing how many people decide to watch it along with me. (Yes, I'm a nerd). But it seems lately I've noticed more bullying going on (not sure if it's a new thing or I was just oblivious before). Now, you don't HAVE to follow someone on Twitter. If their tweets start annoying you, or you realize you just don't care for what they have to say, there is an unfollow button. I've unfollowed people (and people have unfollowed me). It didn't turn their world or my world upside down because of it. I honestly don't check to see who has unfollowed me because, well, I don't care. Not to sound mean, but my follower count isn't a high priority. I have great Twitter friends who do follow me that I enjoy talking to and I really do appreciate all of them. I feel some people take Twitter WAY too seriously. It's supposed to be fun. We are all not going to agree on religion, politics, music, sports, movies, etc. Some of my best friends and I don't completely agree on everything, but we don't go off if one of us disagrees. Now, if two people want to have a civil debate over some political topic, or who they think the best pitcher in the American League is, that's fine. But when you start the insulting and name-calling, I seriously just want to say, "y'all need a time-out". I honestly think some people have nothing better to do than just cause controversy. I don't see what kind of satisfaction that can bring to someone. Some people just like to stir up trouble I guess. But while all of this is going on, I don't see how we can tell kids not to bully each other when they see adults acting that way.
-Another pet peeve is people who are constantly negative. You know, I'm not happy 24/7, and sometimes I go days in a "I hate the world, leave me alone" mood, but there are some people out there who seem to NEVER have anything nice or positive to say. Or every response is a smart aleck comment. You know, if you don't like a TV show or musician that I talk about in my Facebook status, just don't comment. You don't have to comment that you think that show is stupid, or you can't stand that person's singing. Again, not everyone is going to agree with me. But it's just inconsiderate to constantly talk negative about stuff that I like. I probably don't like some stuff that you do, but I'm not going to insult you or whatever it is that you like.
Okay, I'm sure I have other pet peeves, but those two are my biggest ones right now so I'll leave it with that. And really, who wants a post full of me complaining about stuff? ;) I hope everyone has a great weekend!!



  1. I agree with both especially the bullying... it seems to be getting worse and worse.

  2. I see people talking about internet bullying all the time, but I literally have never seen it! Maybe I'm living under a rock?? But I do have those people on my news feed and timeline who only use social media to complain. Drives me BANANAS!

  3. You know by the time I catch up in your blog you are going to add "friends who are 15 days behind on my blog posting comments. " I think spending less time reading twitter & only skimming what people I know say has helped a lot. I just don't bother with some of it now. Totally agree...I should immediately unfriendly any friend who says they hate baseball, Luke Bryan and NCIS because those aren't smart friends anyway!

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