Thursday, May 30, 2013

What I'm Loving Thursday...

So I'm just gonna be honest and say I haven't felt like blogging lately. Not for any reason in particular, I just haven't felt motivated. I love my blog, I love writing, but lately it hasn't been a priority or something I've felt like keeping up with. Any time I've actually had to myself, I would rather watch TV (or play on my new laptop). I suppose it's just a funk, hopefully I'll get out of it soon. I thought I would go ahead and do my What I'm Loving Wednesday post a day late. 

I'm loving...

The wonderful birthday dinner I had with some friends last week.

I'm loving...

That my Boston trip is almost here! I fly out tomorrow evening and will be back next Wednesday!! I'm so excited about seeing...

These guys in concert....
This group of awesome guys... here (I'll be able to scratch one more MLB park off my list!)

Oh, and  I'm excited about seeing my friend Jodi! We have a lot of sightseeing adventures planned out! I've never been to Boston so I'm looking forward to it. Who knows what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into. Someone have bail money ready just in case. :) I hope my attorney would fly from North Carolina, if needed. ;)

I'm loving...

That I was able to post these pictures of my grandfathers on Memorial Day, they both served in World War II. I'm so proud of them. I was fairly young when they both passed away so I didn't get a chance to know them all that well, but I hear stories all the time! My paternal grandfather (left) played professional baseball for a while. He quit to join the Coast Guard, and marry my grandmother (she always said he made the right choice). My maternal grandfather (right) was in the Army and was a professional golfer. The love of sports runs in my family. :)

I'm loving...

The Elvis at 21 exhibit some friends and I saw last weekend in Fort Worth. I loved that they had Elvis music playing throughout it. There was even an hour long video of Elvis on tour (it was older Elvis though, probably some of this last tours, judging by his weight and the amount of sequins on his clothes). I may or may not have bought a book that had all the pictures from the exhibit in it.

I'm loving...

That I got to spend last Saturday afternoon with my BFF. All we did was have lunch, go shopping, and watch a movie, but it was quality BFF time. We don't get that a lot. I somehow failed to get a picture of the two of us, but I got pictures of her dog-kids. :)

Hunter and Kali. They were so excited to see Aunt Rachel!
Some older pics of me and the BFF.
I'm loving...

That I had a lunch date with one of my favorite guys on Monday!

I love Charlie!
I'm not the kind of girl who kisses and tells, but I did get a goodbye kiss after lunch. Be jealous. ;)
Hope everyone is doing well!! Thanks for checking in on me even when I'm not posting!! Love y'all!!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Final Official It's OK Thursday....

It's OK...

...that I'm sad this is the last It's OK Thursday linkup with Neely and Amber. Never fear, I'm sure I will do other It's OK posts in the future, there just won't be a linkup to go with it.

...that I'm kinda worthless at work today. Hey, it's my birthday, I don't feel like working. :) Unless my boss is reading this, then I'm nothing but business professional right now. :)
Sadly I was awake at 5:47am today. That is the exact time I was born.

Birthday celebrations at work
...that I had a milkshake at 10am. One of my sweet friends at work brought me one when she came in this morning (I couldn't be rude and let it melt). Again, it's my birthday, I can do what I want. :).
I know, I know, I had a Dr Pepper AND milkshake that early in the day. 
...that anything pertaining to my nephews C and E makes me smile. My sister texted me this the other day.

...that I'm looking forward to a four day weekend (I'm off work tomorrow- holla!) 

...that I feel very loved today (I have had a rough week so I needed to feel loved). So many people have sent me birthday wishes via Facebook, Twitter, email, and texting. I love you guys! :)

...that I love this picture my nephew James put on Instagram today!

...that it took me so long to meet my Twitter friend Janie. She is so sweet!

...that receiving the giveaway Nolan Ryan bobblehead at the Rangers game the other night made up for them losing game. At least the rain had stopped by game time. 
The one on the left is the giveaway from the other night. The one on the right is a bobblehead my friend Chris got me last year in Houston (on their Nolan Ryan bobblehead night). 
...that I'm sad that the Year of Nolan Ryan is behind me. For you none baseball fans, his jersey number was 34. Not sure who this is the year of, a lot of players have worn jersey number 35: Phil Niekro (Braves). Frank Thomas (White Sox). John Wetteland (Rangers). I'll have to decide. 

A final picture of me at age 34 (that I took yesterday at work). Where does the time go?
...that I'm looking forward to the Texas Women Bloggers June Photo-A-Day challenge! Stay tuned!

What's OK with you??


Monday, May 20, 2013

Sweet Tea Social...

Texas Women Bloggers

I decided for my Sweet Tea Social I would recap my past week (so basically, it's just another Mobile Monday!) :)

Last week I was kinda lazy. After work I pretty much went home, worked out, then watched TV (mainly Rangers games). I had Pei Wei one night for dinner and this was my fortune. I don't really buy into fortune cookies, but we shall see if this one comes true. I'll keep you posted. :)

I hope he's tall, good looking, and like baseball. :)
I made up for doing nothing all week on Friday. This past weekend I drove to Lubbock for my nephew James' graduation from Texas Tech University. If you have never made the drive out to Lubbock, I'm not going to lie, it's a beating. But despite the long trip, I wasn't going to miss James' graduation!!
365 miles one way from Dallas to Lubbock. Thank goodness he didn't go to school in El Paso (that's 655 miles from Dallas)!
I broke up the 6 hour car trip up by making a stop in Abilene to see my brother and his family on Friday. My niece Rebecca had a baby boy recently six months ago, and this was my first time to meet him!
Aunt Rachel and JT. He wasn't sure what to think about seeing himself in my iPhone camera.
Me and my sister-in-law (JT's grandma)!
Baby JT!
My brother Mark. Not sure why the men in my family don't like to smile in pictures!
After you get onto Highway 84 to Lubbock, you don't see much. It's about two and a half hours of nothing but wind farms and a dead cow. I took a picture out the window (of the wind farms, not the dead cow).
The best shot I could get out my car window
Picture stolen from Google. This is what a wind farm looks like up close. These farms went on for miles! For more info on them, click here. It's kinda interesting.
For all of those complaining two weeks ago it was "too cold" for May, thanks a lot! It's only going to get worse people!
I got to Lubbock a little before 7 pm and spent time with my sisters and parents. We got up early Saturday to be at graduation by 9 am. Thankfully Texas Tech has multiple graduation ceremonies (divided by degrees) so we were only there two hours (it could have been a LOT longer). I'm so proud of my nephew James. He's going to start law school in the fall. Hopefully he will give his aunt a family discount free advice if I need his services. :)
Me and my nephew Jake (James' brother). He's graduating high school this year and plans to attend Texas Tech in the fall. I told him I'm flying to Lubbock for his graduation.
I'm so proud of my Red Raider!! Guns Up! Wreck 'em!
This lovely lady is marrying James. Just over a month until she is officially my niece!
James with his grandparents.
James was named after my dad's father. My dad said it meant a lot to him to hear his father's name called out.
My sister with her "baby boys". They get their height from their dad's side.
My sweet boys!
This sign at Tech made me laugh, I had to take a picture!
I left Lubbock about noon on Saturday and made the drive back to Dallas. I had tickets to the Rangers game Saturday night (yes, I know, I'm crazy for driving 6 hours then going out). I was exhausted, BUT I went anyways (and I'm so glad I did!) :) Rangers won! My record is 8-2 when attending Rangers games this season. :)
721.4 miles is how much I drove in a 24 hour time period going to and from Lubbock.
Me and Monica at our tenth game of the season!
We met up with beks! 
Got to see my friend Eric for a bit!
It was Girls Night Out at the Ballpark!
If the wave starts at a Rangers game, a "stop the wave" notice usually gets put up on the jumbo tron. The Rangers don't like the wave. This photo was taken by beks!, she said I could use it on my blog! :) (And yes, her name is spelled beks! That's not a typo). :)

So yeah, it was a busy weekend. I'm still exhausted, BUT that's okay. So, how was your weekend?