Friday, May 27, 2011

Five Question Friday

It's Five Question Friday time!!

1. Do you apologize to your kids?
Well, I don't have any yet, so I can't answer that question. BUT, I'm sure there will come a day when I will have to apologize to my daughter for naming her after a baseball player (Avery). : )

2. What color are your nails right now?
The best way to describe the color is that it's Dr Pepper can maroon (I didn't do that on purpose, my friend just happened to notice after the manicure they were that color). The paint is starting to chip though, I might have to go get another manicure today. :)

3. When you were growing up, how difficult was it for you to stay home from school sick? (As in, did you have to vomit or just say, "I don't feel good"). 
I think if I was at home, my folks had to think I was really sick, I couldn't just say, "I don't feel good." Now, if I was at school, it was easier to leave early feeling "sick". I was great at pretending I didn't feel good. I did that a lot in elementary school if I didn't have my homework done. I mean, I never left school early when I wasn't really sick, what are you talking about! I was a sweet, innocent child!  ;)

Would this face lie to you?
 4. When is the last time you bought a new comforter for your bed?
Back in December. Kohl's had a comforter set sale! :)

My comforter! Not my room though.

5. Favorite website(s)?

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Have a great weekend everyone!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday 13 (times two)

Last week my friend Katie made her first trip to Texas, so I took a mini "staycation" from work. We had so much fun! It was cool to be able to go local places that I don't normally go to. I was also able to mark some stuff off of my 101 in 1001 list! For my Thursday 13, I thought I would post pictures of our adventures (I'm actually posting two Thursday 13 worth of pictures!) :)

The 6th Floor Museum, also known as the JFK museum. We were unable to solve the JFK assassination mystery, BUT, we came up with our own theories. I might share mine one day. The second window from the top on the right hand side is the window Lee Harvey Oswald was supposedly at.

This is actually a view from the 7th floor window (we couldn't sneak a picture on the 6th floor), but it is one floor above the window Oswald was supposedly at.
New friends having lunch at Hoffbrau Steaks in the Dallas West End. This is a restaurant I had never been to (mark that off my list!)

A group of Marines were sitting next to us at Hoffbrau Steaks. They posed for a group picture before we left (honestly, we didn't have to twist their arms to join us). :) God bless our troops! Thanks for all you do!
We visited Southfork Ranch (the house from the TV show Dallas). I actually have never seen an episode of the show, but it was still cool to see it. I've seen the intro of the show and the house does look smaller in person.

They said they made the pool look bigger by placing mirrors on either side of it. All outside scenes were filmed on location here. The inside scenes were filmed in Hollywood.
Me and Katie hanging out on the deck of Southfork
We headed to the Fort Worth Stock Yards on Saturday night for the rodeo.
Me and Katie bought cowboy hats at Southfork to wear to the rodeo.
New friends!! My friend Donny joined us for the rodeo.

Group shot- aren't we cute? And for the record, that is a Brooklyn Dodgers cap, not a Boston cap (I promised Donny I would make note of that!) :)
I love the bull riding!
Getting ready to head to Billy Bob's for some post-rodeo dancing.
On Sunday Katie and I got to hear the great Chuck Swindoll preach at Stonebriar Community Church
After church, we made a two hour drive north to visit Paris, TX. Why, YES, that IS a cowboy hat on top of an Eiffel Tower! 
There is statue in a Paris cemetery of Jesus wearing cowboy boots. Not sure how I feel about it, but I took a picture.
Paris was only about 20 minutes from the Oklahoma border, and since I've never been there, we made the side trip north. Now I can mark Oklahoma off my 101 in 1001 list. I know, kinda sad I live so close and have never been to Oklahoma!
We took a tour of Cowboys Stadium on Monday.
Standing by Tony Romo's locker.
Posing on the star on the 50 yard line.
Me and Katie in the end zone.
We went to the Rangers game on my birthday (I know, you are shocked I would want to go to a baseball game on my birthday!) ;) THIS is what a 33 year old Rangers fan looks like! Side note: Thank you PlayerTees for the Hamilton tank top! Rangers won 4-0. AND Josh Hamilton hit his first home run of the season that night (I would like to think he did that for me for my birthday!) :)
My baseball home girls!
My fellow Rangers Twitter buddy Wes stopped by to say hi!
Donny needs a Rangers cap! ;)
On Katie's last day we went to the Old Red Museum, which is in the old Dallas courthouse (it's the castle looking building). It tells the history of the city of Dallas. I had never been, it was really interesting! :)
Again, my friends and I really enjoyed Katie's visit. I joked with her that now we are "real" friends instead of "blogging" friends. I believe my friends and I are planning a road trip (or perhaps we will fly, we can't decide) to North Carolina to visit her!! I smell a beach trip in the near future!

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My Thirsty Thursday drink- a Chick Fil A milkshake!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm Back!

So, did ya miss me? ;) As you know, my friend Katie was in town visiting this past week, so we were out causing trouble seeing the town the past few days, and there was no time to blog (there was hardly time to sleep some of those days). I promise to blog about our adventures and misadventures later in the week (we had so much fun!!) Today I thought I would dedicate my post to the storms that hit Dallas last night.

As you know, I'm sort of a tornado junkie. I'm fascinated by them (I don't know why, and yes, I know I'm crazy). So yesterday evening when the tornado siren down the street went off (I could barely hear it, it's a few blocks away), the first thing I did was grab my camera and go outside. I wasn't the only one, a lot of my neighbors were out there too. It was kinda cool, met some of my neighbors I didn't know. It was very windy, but there weren't any funnel clouds. There were some amazing looking clouds though that I took some shots of (pictures below). I went back inside and was disappointed to see that WFAA had decided to air the stupid Dancing with the Stars finale instead of keeping us up to date on the very serious weather. I was forced to watch FOX 4 and NBC 5 for my weather alerts. For the record, if Greg Fields was in charge, HE would have interrupted the show. **getting off soap box**

About 9ish the tornado sirens went off again. This time the one right by my apartments went off. I decided to play it safe and headed to the bathtub to take cover. Mordecai and I had our tornado survival kit (which consisted of a flashlight, iPhone and Dr Pepper). My mattress wouldn't fit in the bathroom, so I had pulled the couch cushions in there (just in case we needed them). The rain/hail/winds were pretty loud, but after about 20 minutes it all died down and the sirens stopped. I am happy to report there was no damage at my apartment complex (or to my truck!) But the fence that runs down the street is now gone in some places.

I do appreciate everyone who texted and tweeted asking if I was okay. I feel loved! And no, I wasn't at the Rangers game (they had to evacuate fans underneath the stadium because it got so bad in Arlington). Some fans were moved just outside the locker room (I missed an opportunity to give my phone number to some of the players!) :)

This has been the CRAZIEST spring, I don't remember this many bad storms in years past. My thoughts and prayers are going out to those who have been affected by all the tornadoes and flooding!

Outside my bedroom window
Outside my bedroom window
Low clouds
More clouds
I thought this cloud had potential for a funnel, but I saw nothing

I thought the sun behind the clouds like this was so beautiful!
Storm moving closer
This is when it got really windy and there was more lightning and thunder, so I went inside
Mordecai was very brave while the tornado sirens were going off! 
Hope you all have a great day! XOXO!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Thirteen- Birthday wishes for one of my besties!

I thought I would dedicate my Thursday 13 to one of my besties, Brandy (or "the BFF", as she likes to be called). :) Today is her birthday! We've only been friends for six years, but there are times I feel we have been friends our entire lives. We always say that our friendship is a "God thing" because if you knew us separately, you would wonder how on earth we could be friends. We literally went from not knowing each other to being best of friends in a matter of weeks. But looking back, our friendship is something that only God could have planned. We became friends at a time in our lives when we were both struggling with similar, yet different, issues (I know that makes no sense to you). She is my fellow sports loving, country music listening, vampire novel reading, easily turn into a giddy 15 year old, partner in crime. She is the Thelma to my Louise (or am I Thelma, I can never remember), the Felix to my Oscar, the Lucy to my Ethel. She got married a few years ago and moved far away (okay, she moved to Fort Worth, but I'm in Dallas- you know how that goes), so we don't get to see each other every week like we used to. BUT, our friendship is just as strong. 


One of many (and I mean MANY) pictures of us at a Rangers game.
At our birthday party a few years ago. The Nerf guns were gifts from our friend's sons (I think they were 7 and 4 at the time). After the party they said it was the coolest "girl party" they had ever been to! We rule!
At our first FC Dallas soccer game a few years ago (I played soccer in high school, I had always wanted to see a MLS game in person!) :)
Waiting in line to ride the Shock Wave at Six Flags.
Waiting for 4th of July fireworks a few years ago (we had spent the day at the lake- hence my sunburn).
This was taken moments after we saw Josh Hamilton at Rangers Fanfest. He came out of his way to shake my hand! :)
In the Rangers dugout.
At a Dallas Stars playoff game (obviously this one is a little old! Stars haven't been in the playoffs for a while.)
You can't live in Texas and not have a picture in the bluebonnets!
Waiting on Rascal Flatts!
The BFF and her maid of honor at the rehearsal dinner
This is one of my favorite pictures of us. Gangsta besties!! :)

*Penelope is my nickname for her, long story

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