Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What I'm Loving!

I'm loving...

That I was able to go see my folks for Easter. I was deathly ill on my deathbed writing out my will on the bathroom floor suffering from food poisoning on Thursday night and Friday, so I wasn't able to go to their house until Saturday, but I still had fun with my family. I was sad I wasn't up to having Easter lunch (it took a while before I was brave enough to eat again), but I have almost fully recovered right now. :)

For the record, I did wear a dress to church (my mother would NOT have approved of me wearing a T-shirt on Easter Sunday). This was taken right before I left to drive home

Yes, for the 38th time in my life, I got an Easter basket
I'm loving...

The new windows in my apartment. The complex installed new windows and put up new blinds (they are sturdier than the flimsy plastic ones I used to have up). While they were working in my apartment, I had to take all the stuff off my walls. I spent about three days putting everything back up in my study. I also bought some new bookshelves so I'm happy to report I no longer have books stacked up on the floor. 

My "Woman Cave" 
I call this my celebrity wall. Pictures and autographs from different celebrities
I had to buy another bookshelf for my bobbleheads

I'm loving...

That I have a busy but fun weekend coming up. I'm looking forward to hanging out with a lot of different friends. :)

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Book Reviews 2017: Thirteen Reasons Why

**All reviews on Randomness With Rachel are done on a five star rating system. The reviews are solely my opinion and no one else's. Randomness With Rachel does not receive any incentives or compensations for reviews.** 

13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher

I read this book back in March and I've been meaning to post a review of it, but I have been lazy. With the majority of my social media feeds talking about the Netflix show based on it, I felt I needed to go ahead and post my review of it.

First of all, YES, I read the book before I watched the Netflix series (because I always try and read the book before I see a movie/show based on it). And yes, I mainly picked up the book because I knew a series had been made about it, and I wanted to read it first. I'm a nerd.

I'm not going to lie- this book sucked me in. I couldn't put it down. I started reading it one Sunday afternoon and spent the rest of the day finishing it.

I've heard (meaning I've read other reviews) people complain about ALL THE DRAMA throughout the book but remember, this is a young adult book. Everything is dramatic to teenagers. What might seem like no big deal to an adult is earth-shattering to a teenager (don't you remember your teenage years?) Most teenagers feel that the world is against them.

If you have watched the series but didn't read the book, there are some pretty big differences. There are characters in the series who are not in the book. There are also plot lines in the series that are not in the book, so if you end up reading the book too, you might be surprised.

I like how the writing style went back and forth between what was going on with Clay and to Hannah speaking on the tape. Suicide (especially teen suicide) is a sensitive subject that no one seems to want to talk about, but I think the author handled it with delicacy and didn't downplay the seriousness of it at all. Even if someone leaves a suicide note (or tapes in this case) that doesn't mean that they explain every reason why they killed themselves. Some of the reasons might seem petty, but to that person, they weren't petty at all. It also stresses throughout the book that suicide is NEVER the answer. I don't feel that it glorifies suicide at all. 

MINOR SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD (but it won't ruin the book for you)
Since the book is done in first person, we really only saw how Hannah's suicide affected Clay. I would have liked for some of the other characters to have shown or expressed remorse (or at least had reactions to receiving the tapes). 

I liked the writing style and look forward to reading other works from the author.

Book summary:


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving...

That baseball season is back. I am NOT loving the horrible start to the Rangers season, but it's not about how you start, it's how you finish. Maybe THIS will be the year they won't break my heart. I know, I say this every April.

Fun times with friends last weekend at the Ballpark- we actually saw a WIN on Sunday. We got giveaway jackets on Saturday night and Rangers umbrellas on Sunday
I met former Rangers catcher Jim Sundberg- one of the greats!
So, former Rangers great, and future hall of famer catcher, Pudge Rodriguez is on a pre-game show called Rangers Live. They film it at the Ballpark. My friends and I were watching him prepare for the show on Saturday night. His wife walked over to us and was like, do you want him to sign something? She offered to take it over to him. Um....YES!! So I have Jim Sundberg and Pudge Rodriguez's autographs next to each other on this little batting helmet. Total fan girl moment.

I'm loving...

That after eight years of saying I needed to take pictures in the bluebonnets again, I FINALLY did it. It wasn't until AFTER I took these pictures that I realized there could have been snakes in the high grass. Cue mini panic-attack. Lol.

I'm loving...

That I got to hang out with my friend Lynn (and her adorable babies) last Friday. We've been friends for years. She just moved back to town after being gone forever (okay, like a year, but it felt like forever). We had a blast. It was fun to have girl time and just catch up with each other.

I'm loving...

That my office let us wear jeans last week if we participated in National Walking Day (we basically had to walk up and down the street behind our building and that counted as participating). Hey- to be able to wear jeans, I'll do (almost) anything!

It was so windy that day, I was glad I had my Rangers hoodie
I'm loving...

Spring storms. I know, they can be dangerous, I don't like the DAMAGE that they bring, but I love a good thunderstorm. Especially when I can watch it from my office window and it's over before I have to pull my car out of the parking garage. :)

I'm loving...

Free food. Granted, I love food in general, but especially when it's free. Today is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day (no lie- it was printed on my day planner). Norma's Cafe gave away free grilled cheese sandwiches in honor of it, so I went there for lunch. 

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