Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Recap and Blog Challenge Day 5!

For those who aren't used to me updating on the weekends, check out my weekend posts on how technology has changed here and famous people who have met me here. :)

Before I get to my blog challenge, I thought I would recap my weekend!

My weekend was great. Friday night I went to The Monkees concert in Grand Prairie with my friend Mel. It was awesome. It was a little sad seeing that Davy Jones passed away last year, BUT we actually saw Davy Jones in concert back in 2010 (see that recap here). As I've mentioned before, my favorite Monkee is Michael Nesmith, so I was very excited to see him live in person (yes, I know, I have an "old soul"). :)
Waiting on the concert to start and showing off our souvenir programs!
We found out about the concert last minute, so by the time we got tickets, the good seats up close were gone. All the seats in the middle portion were about $85 (after the convenience fees), so we opted for the cheaper side seats (which were MUCH cheaper). When we got there we realized our view was a little obstructed due to a railing, but we were going to deal with it.
View from the seats that we bought. I was actually standing when I took this so the railing was totally blocking our view when sitting down.
About ten minutes before the show was supposed to start, an usher came over to our section and asked if we would like to move. Um...yes please. He moved us over to center stage view seats (AKA, the $85 seats). MUCH BETTER!!

The concert was so great. When they sang Daydream Believer, they let this 10 year old girl come up on stage to sing it. The whole crowd was singing by the end of the song. I actually found a video of it on YouTube. Thanks to the kind stranger who posted this!

A great concert!!
For the encore, they sang Pleasant Valley Sunday, one of my favorites. Again, thanks to the kind stranger who posted the video from the concert on YouTube. I hope you don't mind me using it!

We went to the stage door to see if they were signing autographs, but sadly they did not stop (they did wave at us as they got on the bus though). While we were waiting we actually met the little girl who got to sing on stage. We also met a lady who got the Set List of the show. She was nice enough to let us take a picture of it (so we could remember what songs they sang).

On Saturday night, I went to Uptown Dallas to see my nephew James. He and his wife moved to Florida last month, but he was in town hanging out with some of his college friends (I think they were playing in some kind of golf tournament). I was glad I got to see him. I saw him briefly at his wedding and didn't get a chance to see him before they moved. I was a terrible aunt and ended up with pictures of everyone except him. Oh well, next time James! His friends thought it was funny that his aunt was so close in age to him (okay, maybe not THAT close in age, but hey, I'm still young, right?!) :)

I made some new friends!
Sunday night was my friend Laura's birthday dinner. I had a great time hanging out with friends! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA!! I love you even though we didn't get a picture together last night. Head on over to her blog (click here) and tell her happy birthday! :)

I love this group of friends so much! :)
Blog Challenge, Day 5: What do you love to read?
As I've mentioned before, I love to read. My favorites are mysteries or suspense books. When I was younger, my grandma had a lot of Agatha Christie books, so I started out with mysteries. I will usually read anything from the mystery or suspense section of a bookstore, regardless of who wrote it. Here are a few of my favorite authors who always have me anxiously waiting on a new book from them.

Roxanne St. Claire- She is one of my favorite authors (she actually follows me on Twitter. **giddy fan moment**. She is SUPER NICE). I LOVE her books! 

Allison Brennan- Another fantastic author! I would say she and Roxanne are tied for my all-time favorite. I was actually following her on Twitter a few years ago when she recommended her followers check out Roxanne St. Claire (thank you Allison for that!) 

Kay Hooper- I discovered her by accident. I had gone on vacation and realized I didn't bring a book (yes, I read on vacation-deal with it). I was at Target and saw a book called Haunting Rachel. Of course the name intrigued me, so I bought it. It was great and I had discovered another author!

Heather Graham (not the actress)- I think my friend Martha introduced me to her books. She normally writes books in trilogies. I'll be honest, sometimes if I'm reading one of her books at night, I freak myself out. Hers can get pretty intense with ghosts and supernatural stuff (and my over-active imagination runs with it).

Nevada Barr-Another author I discovered while on vacation. I was in a gift shop in New Mexico and wanted a book to read in the car. A lot of her books take place at national parks and one of the books happened to take place at Carlsbad Caverns (where I bought the book at). Most of her books are part of a series that follow a law enforcement ranger with the United States National Park Service named Anna Pigeon.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday! Oh, and welcome anyone stopping in from Texas Women Bloggers for Sweet Tea Social! :)


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  1. Hi Rachel! My goodness your weekend was much more eventful than mine. We did make it to Brenham for some wine tasting and harvest celebration. But noone would squish grapes with their feet with me. Party poopers!

    As for the challenge - I can't remember the last time I read. But when I did I loved mysteries and Michael Crichton books.

  2. Well well you had a very busy and social weekend! :) Looks like fun. I'm really loving your hair at this shorter length and love it in the pics where it is back in the headband! No wonder those boys thought you were so young!

  3. I'm so far behind I haven't read my own blog...much less anyone else's but I love you too sweets and I am so glad everyone was able to be there Sunday. Luckily we have tons of photos together! XO.

  4. What a busy (but great!) weekend! I loved all the pics you posted from the Monkees concert-- so fun!!