Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How Pinteresting...

What I've been pinning lately... (follow me on Pinterest here)

This may or may not apply to me. ;)
I've said this more than once recently...

I'd be first in line!

Have you met my family? Yeah, pretty much sums us up!

This is quite possibly the cutest picture ever!

Love it!
True story...
Yes indeed.

So in football, no Giants, Redskins, or Eagles guys for me. In baseball, no Athletics, Mariners, or Angels guys. I would say Astros, but let's get real. Like the Astros will ever be a threat. ;)
Yes, I know football. I can't help it that I have a weakness for quarterbacks. Hey there Romo... ;)
I can't help but love Romo (even though I know he will probably break my heart yet again this football season). 


  1. I'm also ready for fall and long pants! :D

  2. Well, it may make you feel better to know we are now halfway between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox. I love summer, but I love fall a lot, too.

  3. Ha ha. Good ones. I also identify with "dating within the division." I'm not too worried about finding an Angels, Mariners, or A's fan in Iowa. I'm more likely to encounter a Cardinals fan. Which might be more painful, honestly.

  4. I can't date within the league. The Yankee fans are just off limits, A's fans, Angels fans, Tampa fans, White Sox, Tigers, really, are there fans besides Rangers fans? Should there be?