Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's OK...

It's OK... listen and agree when your pastor preaches to not let the world tell you what is "beautiful", but still sometimes wish you could airbrush yourself into looking how you want. TOTALLY want this sunshade for my new car. My birthday is in May (hint hint).

...that I'm ready to do a back flip because for the first time since college I am OUT OF CREDIT CARD DEBIT. Holla! be going through withdrawal because I haven't been shopping at Kohl's since December (I seriously think they are going to take my gold MVP Kohl's credit card away from me if I don't go soon). This probably wasn't the smartest thing to put after a comment about getting out of credit card debt. Now you see where my problem lies. :)

...that my coworker and I say this at least once a day to each other (unless our boss is reading this, then we are 100% professional and work-minded while we are at the office).

...that my Pinterest pinning is out of control (click here to view my pins). randomly put a Luke Bryan video on my post (it's my blog, I can do what I want). :) 

...I find it funny that my friend Brandon has me listed this way in his iPhone. 
Evidently I'm going to leave Craig Gentry for Ryan Gosling (I honestly would just prefer the two fight it out and may the best man win). ;)
 February Photo Challenge

Day 7: From a low angle

This one was harder than I thought. Wasn't quite sure what to do!
Happy Thursday peeps! The weekend is almost here!!


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  1. Love how Brandon has you named! Too funny!!