Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Texas stuff:
...can't lose!

State Capitol building in Austin
Texas has 254 counties. Texas' largest county is Brewster with 6,208 square miles. Connecticut (5,544 Sq Mi), Delaware (2,489 Sq Mi) and Rhode Island (1,545 Sq Mi) can fit inside this county.
So don't make fun of me when I say it that way! :)
Workout tips (that I always intend on using, but never seem to get around to them):

Funny stuff: 
True story, don't drink the Kool-Aid, you'll never leave!
Good grief, the 70s are a long ways down the list.. :/
I laughed really hard at this one.
Yes please.
See previous pin.
Things I seem to relate to:

True story.
Story of my life.
So sad. So true.
I have this at my desk at work.
Duck Dynasty stuff:

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February Photo Challenge:

Day 13: focus on the eyes

Me actually wearing eye make-up!


  1. Story of my life too. . .

  2. So you post a picture of you wearing make-up and guess what I saw? Texas Ranger earrings! LOL
    I miss BASEBALL!

  3. awwww I say those triplets on pinterest today, too! So cute!!