Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving...

That in less than 48 hours I will have the keys to my new apartment. My "big move" is on Saturday, but I plan to take a couple car loads of smaller items over on Friday afternoon/evening. For all my local, strong guy friends (and strong female friends), if you are free on Saturday, I still need help moving the heavy furniture (insert sweet smile here).

I'm loving...

That I get to see my favorite couple from North Carolina TOMORROW!!! Katie and Donny are flying in to see me. Okay, they aren't JUST flying in to see ME, but next to Taco Cabana, I know Katie is looking forward to seeing me the most! ;)
Love these two!
Katie looked so freaking gorgeous in her wedding dress, I had to post another pic! :)
I'm loving...

That my buddy Brian FINALLY did a video wearing the burnt orange shirt I forced him to buy convinced him to buy when he visited Texas last year. I told him he needed to expand from wearing black, gray, and white shirts all the time. :)

I'm loving...

That I'm seeing baseball tweets in my Twitter timeline again. Granted, it's about an inner-squad spring training game, but it's still baseball! 39 days until Opening Day!!

I'm loving...

That my Twitter timeline exploded when my name and Twitter handle were mentioned on The Ticket yesterday (that's a sports radio station here in Dallas). I also got some texts from a few friends who were listening. Evidently The Ticket was dissecting the questions that were asked to Craig Gentry on Twitter last week. What? A girl can't ask a MLB player for his number without people getting all crazy?? :) BTW, I was totally kidding when I sent Anthony Andro that question, I can't believe he really asked it. Bummer it didn't work though! ;)

I'm loving...

That we are one week away from the season premieres of Duck Dynasty and Psych. :) Since they are both on at the same time, I'm SO thankful for a DVR!!

February Photo Challenge:

Day 20: Family (big family so there is more than one picture!) :)

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  1. I'm excited for you that you are moving finally. It will be good for you to settle into your new place! I hope the moving goes well. I hate moving/packing/unpacking! Have fun w/ Katie and Donny this weekend. Hope you do something fun (besides eating at Taco Cabana)!