Friday, February 15, 2013

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who commented, sent me a tweet, text, or email about my post from yesterday. You never know what kind of reaction you are going to get when you post something like that, and I really appreciate the positive response and support! And thanks to everyone who shared my link. That post got over 200 views!!! :) If you missed it and want to read it, click here.

Despite not feeling all that great this week (again, my sinus headache keeps lingering), the week seemed to go by pretty fast. I'm looking forward to tonight, some friends and I are going to the Rock & Worship Roadshow. I'm pretty excited about it, I like a lot of the bands playing! I've gone the past few years to it. Jeremy Camp is one of my favorites! And MercyMe is pretty cool (I met them one time, super nice).

For your listening enjoyment, here are some of my favorites of the group.

February Photo Challenge:

Day 15: Flare

My mom's wedding dress had flare! :)
Have a great weekend!!



  1. I love seeing their wedding picture every time it's posted... so awesome.

  2. Sounds like fun. Have a great time!!

  3. Have fun! MercyMe puts on a GREAT show! I'm a little bummed we aren't coming THIS weekend so we can go... Lol