Monday, February 4, 2013

Mobile Monday

What's on my phone this week..

Getting ready to workout. It seems a workout only counts if you mention it on some form of social media (seeing that EVERYONE has to mention either on Facebook or Twitter when they are going to the gym or have been at the gym). I didn't want to anger the "workout gods", so to be safe I posted this on Instagram. :)

I love the directions on the Pie Five pizza box! I'm so glad they put this there, I wouldn't have known.
I saw this book- it made me laugh!!
This is so true.
This van almost hit me and my roommate on our way to work. I wasn't driving, so I took a picture and tweeted that we were almost killed by this driver (I copied the name of the company). The company did respond asking where it happened and that they would be forwarding the info to the local office. Not sure if that happened or not. Don't mess with me- the Wrath of Rachel is very powerful. :)
Got to see my favorite Twitter momma, Mama T, on Friday. Follow her on Twitter here.
Me and the sweetest date I've ever had!
Anti-Valentine's Day cookies. The top left one makes me laugh!
Watching the Super Bowl with my friend Rachel. When the two Rachels are together, NOTHING good can come from it! This is a fact. :)
We are getting closer my friends...
Text from the 9 year old son of some friends of mine (see picture of the sweetest date above). He got a hold of my cell number and sent me this text. Yeah, he's a heart-breaker. He's already told me he's probably going to marry someone in his class though. At least he's honest. There need to be more honest guys like that! ;)

February Photo Challenge 

Day 4: favorite color

Blue (as in Texas Rangers blue). :)
Happy Monday my friends!



  1. 50 Shades of Chicken-- hehehehe... :)

  2. Cute text from the 9 yr old. You are robbing the cradle a bit though aren't you? I've heard of cougars but this might be taking it a bit too far. Ha!

  3. Good for you for tweeting about that dumb driver! And I cracked up when I saw your comment about the workout Gods- so funny!