Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Thursday Thirteen/Thirsty Thursday time!

This week for my Thursday 13 I thought I would list 13 nicknames that I am called (I know, I was running out of ideas for a Thursday 13 list, I had to come up with something!)

1. Rach: This is an obvious one, most people named Rachel are called this at some point!

2. Ray-Ray: My cousin's kids started calling me this when they were little. To this day they still call me that. If you call me Rachel in front of them, they say, "No, that is Ray-Ray."

Some of Cousin Ray-Ray's precious bunch (the littlest one is missing from this picture).

3. Sugarfoot: My mom calls me this. It's one of her MANY nicknames for me. :)

My mom having dinner with my dad on their anniversary last week!

4. Auntie: I have a few nieces and nephews that call me this when they are trying to be cute. ;)

5. The BFF: My friend Brandy calls me this sometime.

Me and Brandy at the Rangers game on my birthday

6. Angel: Another nickname from my mom. She has Caller ID so when she picks up the phone she says, "How's my Angel doing?" One time she was handing the phone to my dad and he asked who it was. She said, "Our little angel". He thought he would be funny and got on the phone and said, "I have no clue who I could be talking to." HA HA! :)

7. Precious: My sister Martha calls me this. And she says it in a loving way, not in a derogatory way. She now calls her two grandsons this!! (that would be "C" and "E"). :)

Martha having a Chick Fil-A lunch with her grandson "C". (Yes, the love of Chick Fil-A runs in the family!)

8. Crackie: Unless you were present when I cracked my tailbone in college, you MAY NOT call me this! :) For the story of that incident, you can read about it here.

9. Dumpling: My dad calls me this! When I was little he called me Baby Dumpling (it's a reference to the old Blondie comic strip. They called their kid Baby Dumpling.)

My parents at my mom's first Rangers game back in June!

10. Wonderwoman: It's a nickname I got when I was working for the newspaper. I had to cover everything from sports to city council meetings to school board meetings (let me tell you, those  meetings are NOT fun at all!) One member of the city council noticed how I was covering everything around town and called me Wonderwoman. The nickname stuck! :)

11. Sister: My mom calls me and my sisters this from time to time. When we are all together and my mom yells, "Sister, come here please", we start pointing at each other saying, "No, she meant you sister, not me sister." Seeing that I come from a crazy/insane family, sometimes we break into song and start singing the song "Sisters" from White Christmas whenever she calls us that. You think that musicals are ridiculous and people just don't break into song randomly? Try spending time with my family. Happens ALL the time!

12. Boog: My sister Mary calls me this. Again, unless you are my sister Mary, you CANNOT call me this! :)
Mary and her three kids. She's been the shortest one in the family for a while now! :)

13. Rae-Rae Hollywood: My friend Elizabeth calls me this. She heard the story about my cousins' kids calling me Ray-Ray and one time my picture appeared in the company magazine. She said I was famous now, and starting calling me that! :)

It's Thirsty Thursday time! Head over to my friend Vic's page here if you want to participate! Since we are on like day 20 of consecutive days of 100 degree temperatures or more, today my Thirsty Thursday will be glass of ice cold lemonade!

Here is the outfit I am sporting as I enjoy my refreshing beverage!
This picture was taken at the Brad Paisley concert a few weeks ago, but I'm wearing the same outfit today. But this time I'm inside my apartment enjoying the nice cold air conditioning!

It's the 7th inning stretch of the work week. The light at the end of the tunnel is the weekend. Hang on! We are almost there!! :)


  1. awwww seeing your parents really made me miss mine :-)

  2. ahhhhhh dumpling...i love it....i love being called auntie...isn't it sooo much better than aunt so and so...:)

    we actually made watermelon lemonade this week! yum!!!!:) enjoy the day wonder woman!

  3. I'm so sad Sniffles didn't make it on your list. LOL. Love you

  4. GENA!! Sniffles is one I haven't been called in years!!! :) I miss you!! :)

  5. You have lots of fun names and your family looks like people I'd like to know. Happy TT!

  6. We also sing the Sisters song, and I am famous for breaking into random songs, I love it!

  7. I like the good old fashioned 'Rach'! Love ya sis! Miss you so much.

  8. Great list of nicknames! I think Sugarfoot is my favorite--sounds like you're a fast driver? Not sure... but fun and unusual.

    And thanks, now that Sisters song is going to be going around my brain for awhile.

    Happy TT!

  9. Wow. You have 13 nicknames! I have one and I didn't get that one until I met my husband.

  10. Enjoyed your fun family photos!!

  11. My mama calls me angel, too. And it's always like you said..when she sees it's me on the caller id. Awesome.