Monday, August 23, 2010

What a day!

On Saturday evening I was on my way to get something to eat when the AC in my SUV (I sometimes call it my truck) started going in and out. I was about one exit away from my apartment when I noticed the radiator gauge needle was on the "H". For those mechanically challenged (I'm not insulting you, I'm part of that group), that is BAD. I called one of my guy friends and he told me I needed to get it to a mechanic right away. He said NOT to drive it if the needle was on the "H". So, I took today off work to go to my mechanic. Unfortunately he was closed today (not sure if it was because it was the first day of school or he had another family emergency). So, I had to go elsewhere. I took it to a place that I've been to before and the "prelim" report was that it was a leak in the radiator. The nice guy at the shop said it was going to be a few hours before they could get to it for an estimate, so he offered to have someone drop me off at home so I didn't have to wait in the waiting room all day. This was about 9:00am.

I'm so glad they let me go home. They finally called me about 1:00 with the final report. I need a new radiator, new thermostat and the hoses replaced. The guy was very honest. He said the radiator HAD to be replaced today. He said I could hold off on the thermostat and hoses but he couldn't swear that they wouldn't break tomorrow. I actually knew a few months ago I was needing a new thermostat soon. I decided to bite the bullet and take care of everything at once (I drive entirely too much to worry about my car breaking down). The guy was very sweet. He took $150 off of the labor portion to help me out, but it still came to over $600. I joked on Twitter that I was now accepting applications for a Sugar Daddy. ;)

So, I've pretty much spent all day in my apartment (it's too insanely hot to be outside). I'm supposed to have my car back before 6:00pm tonight (I have a friend who is taking me to pick it up). I did decide to go check my mail  though and had a wonderful surprise. A few weeks ago I won a gift from Vic at Freckles and Fudge and I received the package today!! It totally made my day!! Vic is a true sweetheart. She gave me a wonderful shout out on her blog on Friday (thanks again girl!) Even though we only know each other through blogging, we have become great friends. If we lived closer, we would TOTALLY have drinks together every week!! :) Or ice cream. Or both! :) You should check her blog out here.

Here are the goodies that I received:

Once I get my car keys back, I have a new key chain! :)

I love this. I am so putting this on my car!

I saw these hair clips on her blog and told her how much I loved them. I don't remember if I told her blue was my favorite color or not (if not she did a great job picking which one to send!) I love this!! Sorry the picture is blurry, it's hard taking a picture of yourself with an iPhone! :)

A Sarah McLachlan CD. I promised to send Vic a review of it!

The sweet note she included with the gift.

Thanks again girl!! You have made my bad day so much better!!


  1. Car problems are the worst...glad you found someone who could get it taken care of for you today and you even saved a little bit! :) Hope tomorrow is better for you!!!

  2. Glad you are rolling again.
    your guy friend

  3. Oh need for all the shout glad you got that clip to fit in your's def good for thin hair i think...i hate when car places tell me i need this, this and this done on top of what i went in for.....i don't like being taken advantage of but it sounds like maybe he was doing his "best" to help ya out.

    hopefully nothing else goes wrong this week {for either of us}

    xoxo enjoy

  4. Dreaded car maintenance. Well I'm glad it's all fixed up now and hopefully you won't have any other issues for awhile!

    Vic is so sweet, what a great time for it to arrive!

  5. I am a new follower and I would love a follow back!!