Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary to my Folks!

Today is my folks' 54th wedding anniversary and I wanted to dedicate this post to them. I am what you call a "bonus baby" (we are sticking with that term, okay), so by the time I came along, my five siblings were somewhat older than me (in fact, one was married). I don't start appearing in family pictures until much later!  :) BTW, I'm the cute bald one!

Happy anniversary mom and dad!! I love you! Now, a look back over the past 54 years (if I'm never heard from again, it means my siblings killed me for posting baby pictures of them on my blog!) ;) And yes, I'm a aware that my dad resembles Dick Van Dyke!! :)

August 10, 1956

I had to wear a bonnet to protect my bald head! :)
I love my dad's bow tie, I had to post this one!

My parents at Easter with their four great-grandchildren.

Thanks for letting me share!! Have a great day!!


  1. Awww! /tears

    Congrats Brother Bob and Georgeanne! :)Love ya'll lots!


  2. Too cool! It's funny because we are about the same age (I think) and my parents were born about the time that your parents were getting married! You definitely were a bonus baby! :)

    BTW - I like that term! :)

  3. AWESOME! Congrats to your parents! Love the pictures. Good ole Olan Mills!! I love the wedding pictures.

  4. Congrats to your parents! Sweet photos, thanks for sharing. Love the one of the in the cooking pot! LOL

  5. how sweet:) the pictures are so loving:) i was bald too...hehe funny how we look back at how those days were!

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  8. 54 years! Amazing! I love all the pictures especially the wedding ones!

  9. Lovely post! My parents celebrated 44 years on Saturday--it's lovely having parents who've "gone the distance," isn't it? Congrats to them!