Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Georgia On My Mind...

Howdy friends!! I'm back in the great Lone Star State after my long weekend in Atlanta, GA! It was so much fun! Oh, where to begin. First of all, as I mentioned in previous posts, I'm not a big fan of flying. I think I did okay. We started the trip with a 45 minute delay leaving DFW (I think it was either mechanical related or weather related. we never did get a straight answer). The flight itself was pretty good. My friends and I all had our Mp3 devices and books to keep us occupied. I noticed after about an hour and 45 minutes it seemed we were going in circles. It turns out we were. Due to storms in Atlanta and  the surrounding areas, we were having to circle until we were cleared to land. I'm not one to get motion sickness, but maybe the circling on top of my nerves kinda upset my stomach. Thankfully I didn't get sick. Although when we finally started to land, we hit some turbulence which caused my stomach to feel like I was riding The Viking Ship ride at Six Flags. If you've never ridden it, basically it felt like my stomach was in my throat!

I won't bore you with ALL the details (if you really want to hear them, feel free to email me and I can share more). Friday night we had dinner with my friend Beks' family (we were staying with them). They were also our drivers for the weekend. (they were such wonderful people, I had a blast getting to know them). They were very sweet and rearranged their schedule so we could go tour Turner Field Saturday afternoon (this was mainly for me). We toured the museum, Braves Hall of Fame and the actual ballpark. Yes, I turned into a giddy 15 year old. For those new to my blog, for the 1990s and the 00's (I don't know what to call the new decade after the turn of the century), I mainly watched Braves baseball on TV because I couldn't get Rangers games where I lived. Make no mistake, the Rangers are my main true love in baseball, but the Braves are my second favorite (seeing that they are in different leagues, I think it's okay that I love both). But if by some miracle both landed in the World Series, the Rangers would have my full support.

Anyways, I'm typing more than I had planned because I'm about to bombard y'all with a lot of pictures. I know it seems like a lot, but I took over 400, so y'all are coming off easy!! Yes, I went "picture taking happy" on my trip!! Thanks for letting me share!

Waiting to board the plane

Me and Beks killing time during the delay at the airport

A view from the plane
My Steve Avery Braves jersey (I've had it since I was like 15 or 16) And yes, the Avery in the "Averyfan" in both my blog address and my Twitter account are for him. I swear I'm not a stalker, just a fan! :)

Arriving at Turner Field

Had to represent Texas and wear my Rangers cap!

Group shot with Monica and Beks

An insanely giddy Rachel standing by Steve Avery's signed jersey. It was almost embarrassing how excited I was (yes, I'm a nerd, let's move on!)

I thought it was funny that Steve Avery's and Mark Wohlers' jerseys were next to each other in the display. My BFF Mandy will understand the significance of that. I might explain it another day!

The Three Amigos, err, Amigas. Who would have thought that three girls would travel to another state just to see a baseball game? And yes, I have a Texas Rangers purse!

Greg Maddux, Hall of Fame pitcher

The 1995 World Series trophy

The display about the Braves on TBS (the reason I started watching Braves games)

The land of the free...and the home of the Braves (that's what the sign next to this said!) :)

The tour took us up to the Sky level of Turner Field

Possibly my favorite part of Turner Field- the tomahawk chopping Chick Fil-A cow. I got video during the game of it, I'll try and upload it later this week!

View of downtown Atlanta from Turner Field. For those who don't know, the 1996 Summer Olympics were held here. If you look in the background towards the right hand side, you can make out the Olympic "rings". The blue wall in the background is the original wall from the Braves old stadium. It's now in the parking lot of Turner Field.

View from the Braves TV announcers booth-so many of the announcers from TBS have sat here!

Sitting in one of the TV announcers chair. I could so do this job!

I have now had my picture taken in 2 different MLB dugouts!

Beks, me and Monica along the side of the dugout

Standing by the field. We were told not to get on the grass. I may, or may not, have accidentally "tapped" the grass with my foot as I was walking away. ;)

The entrance from the Ballpark side of the Museum and Hall of Fame

Yes, I realize I'm a nerd. Moving on...

There is a Chick Fil-A INSIDE Turner Field. Chuck and Nolan: can we please get this at The Ballpark in Arlington?

A view from our seats

Texas girls at a Braves game!

Chipper Jones had season ending knee surgery on Saturday. :( This is his press conference saying he's hoping to come back to play one more year in 2011. I'm SO going back to Atlanta if he does! Rumor has it that during Alumni weekend Steve Avery usually makes an appearance. That would be a great time to go! :)

Top of the Braves dugout

Braves manager Bobby Cox for the past 25 years. He is retiring after this year.

Instead of the Dot Races (like we have at The Ballpark), they have a Tool Race where mascot tools race around the park.

I really liked the big screen!

This is Braves Country- that slogan was everywhere around Atlanta!

Like I said, I have tons of other pictures, but I'm sure this was enough to bore y'all. On Sunday we went to Bulloch Hall in Roswell, GA, which was the childhood home of Teddy Roosevelt's mother. I will try and post pictures from the rest of our trip tomorrow.


  1. FUN!!! Looks rainy :( Glad you had a good time and were giddy - it's fun to act 14 sometimes! haha! Can't wait to see more!

  2. We could so be friends! I am totally obsessed with Braves baseball :)

    New follower from TTA!

  3. If you go back and someone asks you to go to Atlanta Underground...respectfully decline. It's scary...trust me! :)
    I'm glad you had a great trip!

  4. WooHoo! NaaaaNaNaNaNaNa....that's me doing the Tomahawk chant. Love my Braves boys. Poor Chipper. Poor Chris Medlen. I LOVE your pictures. I'd be willing to look at more. I'm right over here in Augusta, just 2 1/2 hours from Turner Field.
    And yeah! If you've got to have someone to be a huge fan of....Steve Avery is a good one to pick.
    Great post. Who were the guys playing that day?
    Weezer's Haven
    I don't know how I got to your blog but I'll be following from now on.

  5. Looks like an awesome trip!! I wish I had girlfriends like that who would go to another state to see a baseball game with me. That's awesome.

  6. I'm a picture girl so you know i love seeing em:) looks like a ton of fun and i get sick on landing too....nauseas sick...good thing you didn't get totally ill! glad your back safe and sound:)

  7. Following back from MomsReview4You blog hop. Thanks!

    Feel free to come back tonight 12pm Eastern since the new Wednesday blog hop with be up!

  8. Oh my goodness! There is so much I was commenting on as I was looking at your pictures...I'll try to remember them all!

    a.) You cam most definitely be a fan of both- especially because they are in different leagues. Although I'm a Red Sox/Braves girl, so my loyalties are a bit split as well. (ps- the games in Texas this weekend were awesome- especially the one on Friday night.

    b.) I love all of the Braves photos- especially teh Avery stuff- so cool! I'm going to have to do that tour soon!

    c.) If he returns (which he better) then a Chipper game is a must for any fan.

    d.) If you get teh announcer job, can we switch off? I've had some voice-over experience! :)

    e.) I think with all of the changes Chuck and Nolan are making down at the Ballpark, then they could most definitely add in a chick-fil-a. This is the perfect time to do it!

    f.) fun fact: I have always predicted the dot race winner. I did it again this weekend. I'm trying to figure out if thre's some sort of pattern, but I haven't been the that many games!

    g.) It looks like you had a blast!

    h.) Sorry for all of the comments, but I can't help my little Brave-loving self! Have a good week!


  9. What a fun trip. So glad you had a good time.

    FYI, my husband is the biggest Braves fan!

  10. Hey - I tagged you in a post...play along if you'd like! :)