Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hallelujah! A cold front is headed our way!

Yesterday the Dallas area tied an all time record high of 107 degrees (some stations reported it was 109, but the "official temperature" was recorded at only 107. Yes, I said "at only". : ) According to local weathermen, a cold front is headed our way this evening. And when I say "cold front", I mean that tomorrow our high is supposed to be only 91. Yes, "only" 91. The lows are supposed to be in the low 70s. For the past few weeks, I've been leaving my apartment at 7 a.m. and the temperature is 85 degrees. 

Greg Fields, greatest meteorologist in the DFW area! My friend Bekah will agree! He's hilarious! Here is his 7 day forecast for this week.

Trust me friends, after almost a month of 100 plus temperatures, this is going to feel like fall to us!!

Well, it's been a while since I've talked about the Rangers. I know deep down y'all have missed it! I went to the game last night (shocker, I know). But this was the first Rangers game I've been to this month. The last time they played at home, I was in Atlanta. After the way they've been playing the past week on the road, it was obvious they needed some lovin' from the home crowd! It was a great game (despite it being 100 degrees at the start of the game at 7:00. Yes, I have an obsession with weather, I can't help it!) :) 

Our view last night

The Rangers pitching staff only gave up one hit (and that didn't happen until the 9th inning- so close to a no hitter). It was the first of four Rangers games I'm attending this week. I'm going tonight because I won tickets to sit in my company's suite at The Ballpark. Then I'm going again on Thursday for my friend's birthday (she had free tickets). And then I'm going on Saturday because Mercy Me (one of my favorite Christian bands), is giving a pre-game concert (I've had these tickets since the beginning of the season). I know, it's a crazy, busy week!! Thankfully I'm just 10 days away from a four day weekend (I'm taking the Friday before Labor Day off work so I can go visit my folks!) A little rest and relaxation! Nothing like going home to fix that!! :) While I'm talking about my folks, if you think about it, please remember my mom in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow morning. She is having shoulder surgery (I think it's from picking up all the chubby babies in my family!!)

Have a great day friends!


  1. I am looking forward to our "coldfront". Have fun going to the games! I need to go.. maybe when it cools down just a little more...

  2. Yesterday, here in Nashville, we finally had a cool day too! Meaning it didn't reach 90! We slept with a window open because it was cool enough in the evening that I had chillbumps!!! Yipee!!!

  3. My dad lives in Dallas, and he's having a really rough time with his asthma and emphysema. I hope it cools down soon for all of you!

  4. I could not survive!

    It was in the 90's last week, but cooled down to the low 70's today! The breeze was incredible!

    I love being chilly and wrapping up with a blanket. I think thats why Minnesota suites me just fine! :))

    SO glad you stopped by! I can't wait to get to know you better! You seem AH DOOOR AHH BULL!!!

  5. Sure hope you do get cooler weather. We're going to be in the upper forties later in the week (for an early-morning temp) they say. That's a little too much like an early autumn to me!!

    P.S. So glad you're adding olives to your food. Olives are a staple around here! :-)

  6. i need to get out of FL asap. it's driving me nuts walking to get the girls after school......i only wish we would have a cold front:)