Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's OK...

It's OK...

...that for the first time since 2007, I missed Rangers Fan Fest. It was last weekend and I just wasn't able to make it to Arlington for it. I had other things I had to do and didn't have time. :( I hope they will forgive me!
A picture of me and outfielder Craig Gentry from the 2011 Rangers FanFest. He knew that I was kind of a big deal and wanted a picture with me. I hate disappointing my fans. :)
...that I have an app with a countdown to Opening Day. :)
I can't wait!!
  ...that this is how I've been feeling about exercising the past month. I really need to get off my lazy butt bohiney and start working out again. 
I **heart** bacon.
  ...that since I now have an iPhone 5 (OH yeah, I got an iPhone 5, not sure if I mentioned that), I put Siri to good use and asked this question:
Seems that Siri doesn't know EVERYTHING. Oh well. For the record, I don't think all men are jerks. I was just upset with someone that day, I'm over it now, it's all good. He's off my wrath of Rachel list. :)
...that I was in a meeting and couldn't take this call: 
Yeah, I wish he was calling me! :)
...that I'm back to taking pictures of myself and posting them on Instagram. If you are on Instagram, my handle is averyfan. :) 
This was the morning of the big snow light dusting of snow.
I posted this saying that I cut my hair. While I was packing, I found a wig from a Halloween costume that I had a few years ago. Ah, fun stuff.
...that I have a heart of stone and refused to share my food with my roommate Sadie. 
I know, she's adorable. But puppy dog eyes aren't gonna work on me. I share my food with no one. :)
...that this made me laugh really hard. 
If you only knew... ;)
...that I pinned about 1,874 pins of Luke Bryan yesterday on Pinterest. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. But I did pin a lot. I've fallen off the wagon and am pinning again. I'm out of control! :) Shameless plug, follow me on Pinterest here. :)

We are almost to the weekend, hang in there my friends!



  1. Oh, I've noticed you on pinterest!! Lol. And I love how every time I text you or have an email from you, a little picture of Craig Gentry appears b/c that's the pic I have for you in my phone! LOL :)

  2. Aw, my baby is so cute!!! She is all sweet and innocent and has the whole world fooled in this picture. haha!

  3. Yesterday I went on pinterest and could tell you had been busy on there! Haha!

    If Luke was calling you while you were in a meeting I think you should answer anyways. . . your boss will understand!! :)

  4. If luke was calling i think any and everything else would be put on hold lol. Love your question to siri and yay on the iphone. have a great weekend!