Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Twitter Tuesday

What you may or may not have missed on my Twitter this past week.

My live tweeting of TV shows (yes, I realize I watch a lot of them). :)

They've been toying with my emotions for years with the whole Tony and Ziva "relationship". Oy vey!
They were so close. So very close.
I did my best...
Love love love Reid. He's probably one of my favorite characters on Criminal Minds. I call him my nerd crush.
I was just being honest...95% of women who watch this show hope the same thing, so don't judge me. :)
I possibly get a little too emotionally involved in my show.
I was watching reruns of earlier seasons of CSI. Made me miss Grissom. And Warrick. Oh Warrick. :(
I can never make up my mind on who I like better on Vampire Diaries, Stefan or Damon. I go back and forth.
My tweets at work (shhhh).

Yes, that was my first thought when I saw them out the window. After that I was like, oh man, I hope everyone is okay.
The Pinterest addiction continues...blasted iPhone app. Makes it easy to pin all day.
Things to keep me busy when it's slow...

Ryan Gosling may or may not appear in some tweets.

Again, Laura isn't that big of a Ryan fan, and even she thought so!!

This will shock you, but I tweet about sports.

Someone tweeted how "old" our pitchers are and a sports writer responded to them with their ages. I had to state they were NOT old. I doubt they are even old enough to shave they are so young.

So glad hockey is back!
I should be so ashamed of this tweet. Yes, I'm a little bitter Josh went to the rival Angels. If you are a Rangers fan, you will understand the meaning behind this. If you aren't, I really don't want to explain it.
Again, not a fan of him or the Patriots. I know, it was mean.
 I respond to my wonderful followers.

True story!
I have such sweet followers!

Seriously, I feel so loved! :)
Sometimes I just tweet random stuff.

No worries, she survived!
No lie, I'd buy these if they worked!
Seriously, anytime I hear her sing I think of those blasted ASPCA commercials and all I can see are abused animals. Thank you Sarah McLachlan for ruining your music forever for me!
Who wants to get out of bed at 8am on a Saturday? Especially when I didn't go to sleep until almost 2am.
I'm beginning to think it's just a fake name they give people- they can't all be named Bill.
I can't take my friend anywhere without her getting hit on! :)
This is probably because she has to refer to me as "Your Majesty".
Don't judge. You know you start dancing in the car as well when you hear Luke Bryan sing.

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. I don't know what is funnier...You and your live tweeting the crime shows or you calling me Hottie McHottie. That is seriously hysterical. If we are this funny on Twitter, think of what the world misses because we actually filter ourselves....kind of! ;)

  2. The number of times Ryan Gosling has appeared in both our blogs this week, plus Twitter, the man should be paying us PR fees. Just Saying!!

  3. You are so funny- I love Criminal Minds and Shemar Moore may be the best looking man on TV...

  4. Oh and PS- I am team Stefan but I havent seen the last few episodes...im worried