Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Twitter Tuesday

I have no clue if I'm going to make this a weekly post or not, but I thought I would let you in on some of the great tweets you missed if you aren't already following me on Twitter (shameless plug, I know, follow me on Twitter here). Seriously, I can be quite entertaining. 

While I was packing my apartment, one of my "adopted Dallas moms" let me stay at her house at night.
But seriously, this guy needs to realize he's NOT Fabio and just cut his hair. It looks terrible.
If you watch Duck Dynasty, you'll know what I mean. If you don't, seriously, go to YouTube and watch a clip. It's greatness!
Oh happy day!
I tried to support Notre Dame during the National Championship game. Sadly my cheering did not help them win.
This conversation seriously took place with my friends while we were watching the game.
Twitter is the place to go for medical advice, for your friends.
He really is. Love me some Gibbs!
I am quite upset over this. I've had nothing but bad luck with TWC.
In my defense, the nephew that saw the tweet is 22 years old and he can get over the fact that his aunt thinks Ryan Gosling is hot. ;) BTW, no need for me to repost the tweet that he saw. ;)
My friend Chance is awesome. He was brave to hang out with me and Laura though- we are a handful!
If batting your eyes and smiling sweetly while asking for something is called flirting, then, yes, yes I did flirt. And yes, I got to take the glass home with me. :)
My response to my friend's reaction of me getting the free glass. :)
I possibly flirt with Chipper Jones on Twitter too...
Sometimes an intervention is needed with friends. For the record, he was being sarcastic. I forgot to mention that in the tweet. :)
Chance and I were quite the pair that evening.
Sometimes you just have a bad day and words start sounding similar. It can happen to anyone...Thank you Chance for helping me know the difference! :) 
There is a story behind this tweet. I might share it one day.
And we do love Chance. Even though he feels the drive from the southside of town to the northside of town is like leaving the state. :)
Saturday night was pretty much the most fun I have had since my incident. I needed that!!
Well, we DO refer to the Ballpark as "the Temple". It only makes sense they have a church there now!
We have a Baptist vs Catholic battle going on... ;)
Seriously, I don't find this man attractive whatsoever. I also don't like him (I'll refrain from using the word that best fits him, I keep this blog family friendly, well, to a point). :)
I sometimes live tweet my shows.
I do what I can to get my friends interested in my shows!
They really do. Especially this one (click here).
Seriously, greatest text I have ever received! :)
I may or may not update Twitter during meetings. BTW, it's good to be back at work, even with the long meetings.
I have to agree with this follower of mine! :)
Happy Tuesday! XOXO!!


  1. For the love of Steve Avery, don't get Time Warner!!!! Go with DirecTV-- trust me. TWC is so bad.

  2. I feel so special, and famous now...I made your blog like 32 times..wait, no that is Josh Hamilton's number...34 times...yes...that is a better number! This has been the most fun even without any sleep, I have had in a long time. Love ya!

  3. Don't ask Karen Ann Quinlan about the vodka. Actually, I always ask my husband stuff like that and he always responds, 'Sure, Karen.'
    (google it.)♥♥

  4. Oh, forgot to mention: Be sure to stop in at Cranberry Morning and enter my 4 Valentine homemade soap sachet Giveaway - on now through Friday.♥