Friday, January 25, 2013

Do you Instagram?

Happy Friday! We survived another work week!! Well, I did at least. I'm looking forward to another weekend of just hanging out with my friends.
So, do you use Instagram? I first started using it about a year ago just to put borders and cool effects on pictures from my iPhone. Since then, it's just another social media network I am addicted to use constantly enjoy from time to time. If you aren't familiar with Instagram, I'm gonna be lazy and make you read about it on Wikipedia here instead of typing it all out. Basically you can upload a picture from your phone, make it all fancy and nice with a border or cool effects, then you can post it for friends (or total strangers) to comment on. That being said, be careful WHAT kind of pictures you upload. I had a friend who didn't realize his pictures were public and let's just say he found out the hard way that just anyone could view them. BUT, for those wanting to use Instagram just for the cool effects and borders, you CAN make it so your pictures are private and don't post to your account (meaning only YOU can see them). To fix your Instagram privacy settings, click here for a tutorial. It's very simple.

Anyways, if you ARE on Instagram and feel like following me (that sounds so creeper-like, doesn't it), my user name is Averyfan (I know, you are shocked that would be my username, huh?) :)

Here are just some of the pictures I've posted on Instagram over the past year. If you follow my blog regularly, some of these will look familiar! :)

Some friends and I ran into former Rangers (and Braves) player Jeff Francoeur at a Walgreens. He is very lovely.
Me and the BFF!
Me with my nephew James (who is now 22). Oh yeah, I was rocking my NKOTB shirt back in 1990! :)
My buddy Will! He is the best!
With my tailgating crew at Opening Day last year
Me and my sweet friend Lyn at the Lady Antebellum concert
Me and the lovely beks!
My baseball homegirls. Love these ladies!
Me with my sweet (and charming) buddy Chance (who is gonna be so excited he made my blog again). :)
Me and my awesome pal Brandon- #bestie4
All dressed up..with glowing devilish eyes
Cookies from my mom. She wraps them individually so they stay fresher longer.
Me and my buddy Matt. He's awesome! I always tell him I would clone him if I could! :)
Tailgating with my good friend Micah. We met via blogging. Check her awesome blog out here. :)
Me and my sweet friend Lance- so excited that when I move I'll be closer to him so we can hang out more!
Me and my lovely sisters- good looks run in our family! ;)
Hope y'all have a great weekend!!



  1. Great pics!! There's an instagram linkup on Wednesdays that I sometimes link up with.

  2. Oh lord...more Chance pictures! He's gonna have a big(ger) head. Awesome blog!

  3. You are so cute!! So fun to see you surrounded by so many friends. :-)

  4. I love IG!! Today is a good day b/c we got NKTOB tix! I'm so excited!!!!

  5. I love your IG pics! Aren't the "devil eyes" the iphone gives us so annoying? I hate that!