Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's OK...

It's OK...

...that I have been in an "off" mood most of this week. BUT, it's almost Friday, I'm ready to put this week behind me and have a relaxing weekend of doing absolutely nothing (except going to church and my friend's Super Bowl party on Sunday).

...that I'm UBER excited about my trip to Boston in June to see my friend Jodi! We've been talking about this trip for months and it's finally all planned out!
Me and Jodi at our friend Katie's wedding last year
...that I'm possibly even MORE uber excited that while I'm in Boston NOT ONLY will we be seeing these guys in concert... 
Oh yes, our tickets are bought, be jealous...
...BUT, I'm finally going to get to see a baseball game at Fenway Park. AND it just so happens MY TEXAS RANGERS will be in Boston at the same time I will be there. It's like they planned it just for me. Thank you Nolan for making that possible (I just assume he had something to do with it, since I'm such a big Rangers fan and all). :)
I can soon mark Fenway Park off my list of baseball ballparks to see in person!
...that I'm taking time to wish Nolan Ryan a happy birthday on my blog. Happy 66th Nolan!!
Me shaking hands with Nolan at FanFest last year. We are practically BFFs.
...that I may or may not be watching My So-Called Life on Netflix streaming. Don't judge.

...that I wish Jared Leto still looked like this...
...and not this...

...that I'm really excited about these upcoming concerts coming to Dallas. Who wants to go with me to any of these shows?

...that I had no clue that Channel 8 weatherman Pete Doofus Delkus played baseball back in the day.
You learn something new everyday!
What's OK with you today??



  1. Jared Lego looks like he belongs on duck dynasty

  2. It does work out rather nicely that the concert and game are in the same week. It is going to be such a fun visit. I only hope I'll be able to take some time off from work!

    Oh and Jared looks super scary in that 2nd pic.

  3. I'm in for the concerts...let me know which you are actually going to....I really want to see the Miranda Lambert-Dierks Bentley and it would be good to see Jason Aldean...heck they all look good.

  4. How are you flying JetBlue??? I love them but didn't think they flew to Dallas! Also-- I'm so jealous of your trip! If I didn't have a husband, I'd TOTALLY be there with y'all! :)

  5. I'm so excited for you going to Boston! Also I would totally be in for the concerts. I want to go but I need a buddy!