Monday, January 14, 2013

Mobile Monday

Thank you for all the sweet emails/tweets/comments on my last post. I appreciate the support more than you will ever know. Much love! :)

So, I'm totally stealing this idea from my friend Laura. :) I felt this would be a good way to show some pictures of the time I spent with my family over the holidays.

E and Aunt Rachel at the Christmas Eve party. I think he is giving his Popeye look. Why yes, that IS a Texas Rangers Santa hat that I'm wearing.
I went to the Christmas Eve service at my niece Alice's church. They had a photo booth set up in the lobby for families to take pictures. Here are the ones of me and Alice. For those new to my blog, my niece Alice and I are very close in age, we are more like sisters than niece/aunt. For those familiar with my blog, she is the momma of my great-nephews C and E. :)
Christmas Eve party with my sister Martha and our momma!
E likes taking pictures with my iPhone because he can see himself as we take the pictures.
C was showing me how to properly make "duck lips".
My parents living room ready for Santa.

My nephew Jake taking a picture with his favorite aunt!
Love this little guy!!
My sister rented a beach house in Galveston a few days after Christmas, so some of the family and I went down there to spend the New Year on the beach. This was a view from the deck.
Me and C watching snuggling while watching football. And we watched A LOT of football (thanks to the 1,743 college bowl games that were played). :)
My niece A was the champion of Twister.
My nephew Peter and C hanging out at the beach house.
C showing my nephew A how to play a video game.
At Moody Gardens for the Festival of Lights!
My sweet little monkeys!
My folks in the shark cage!
E showing Aunt Rachel the sharks. Aunt Rachel was very thankful there was glass between them and the sharks. I've seen Jaws too many times. I was expecting them to break through! :)
My niece convinced me to go ice skating. I didn't fall, BUT I did hold on to the side for most of the evening. The funniest part of the night was when a kid about 8 or 9 skated over to me and was like, "Ma'm, do you need help?" I was like, keep it moving kid! :)
Some of the Festival of Lights
Walking along the beach. C and E loved watching the tide roll in.
My dates for New Year's Eve
Leftover pizza and a Capri Sun. What more could a girl ask for? :)
We toasted in the New Year with some sparkling white grape juice (because that's how us Baptists roll). We also toasted in the New Year at 11pm (which was midnight EST). Most of the family was half asleep and we didn't think we would make it until midnight CST. :)
Happy New Year (about two weeks late!) :)


  1. I love the picture so much of you snuggling with C. So sweet! I wish I could take credit for the Mobile Monday but it is some unknown person's idea I just found it on google so it is free for everyone to steal away!
    2013 is going to be awesome! Fresh start and out with all the bad memories!! Yay!!

  2. I loved seeing some of these on Instagram! You are the best aunt! And I love that you guys got a beach house for new years- so fun!