Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's OK Thursday...

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It's OK...

...that I keep going back and forth on what kind of car I want to buy. I'm SO indecisive. And I really hate car shopping (have I mentioned that before?) :)

...that my roommate and I made up a list of guests we would have on our talk show (if we ever had a talk show). It seems EVERYONE has a talk show these days, why not us? We would be so much more entertaining than Katie Couric (who apparently has her own talk show, who knew? Not me).

...that I've been pinning on Pinterest A LOT lately.  No really, a lot. Again, shameless plug to follow me on Pinterest here. Some of my recent pins...

This is my life.
I'm so doing this!!
True story.
Love this!
...that I've gone to bed before 9:00p twice this week.

...that I'm both excited and nervous about getting back to having my own place. 

...that I've been watching some cheesy Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew TV show from the 70's on Netflix. Evidently these two guys were the "bees knees" back then.
Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson. Their hair is scaring me.
Happy Thursday! XOXO!

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  1. Pinterest is always ok! I love the sleeping beauty and the stranger pin!