Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings...

Sorry friends, it has been a rough week, so I haven't had the free time to update my blog. THANKFULLY the work week is half over. Tomorrow is my last "full" day at work since Friday is my flex half day. I have big plans for the weekend so I'm ready for this week to end. In case you don't know me personally, my birthday is this Sunday. I'll be the BIG 3-2. I'm not looking forward to getting older, but I am looking forward to hanging out with my friends. Saturday I'm having a birthday dinner at a local restaurant and then after that, we are going roller skating. Oh yes, you read that correctly. I might possibly break my leg, but I thought, hey, what crazy thing could I do for my birthday this year? Two years ago when I turned 30, one of my best friends and I rented a bounce house for our birthday party (her birthday is today actually. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PENELOPE!) It was fun (although we learned that four adults in a bounce house at one time is too much for it to handle!) 

 In case you doubted my story about the bounce house! :)

On Sunday (before watching the 2 1/2 hour series finale of LOST), I'll be at The Ballpark for the Rangers game against the Cubs. I know, you are shocked, I'll be at ANOTHER Rangers game. :) Speaking of which, I was there last night. During the 5th inning, my friend and I decided to sneak down closer. I guess it's not really sneaking when we walked right past the usher. It's not our fault they didn't ask to see a ticket. And at that point, the Rangers were losing so those less "faithful" fans had already left. We were able to get about 12 rows from the field near the Rangers dugout. After about an inning I noticed that Nolan Ryan was sitting on the front row of our section (if you have to ask who Nolan Ryan is, please don't tell me. Just Google him!) ;) I snapped a picture after the game ended. Oh yeah, for those fans who left early, the Rangers rallied to win the game. :)

For those who don't know Nolan, he's the one in the white shirt and tie.

Anyways, hopefully I'll get back on track updating my blog on a semi-regular basis. Have a great one friends!!

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  1. Oh, that's so exciting. I LOVED Nolan Ryan when I was a kid. Still the best pitcher ever.