Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

**SPOILERS** If you are not caught up on LOST, or, if you ever plan to watch it on DVD, the list below will provide spoilers! You have been warned! : )

With the LOST series finale airing this coming Sunday, I thought I would dedicate my Thursday Thirteen list to the show (I've already said that I'm a nerd, this pretty much confirms it).

So, here is my list of The 13 "Former" Characters from LOST That I Hope Make One Last Appearance in the Series Finale (either in the "island" world or "alternate" world). This includes characters who have "died". If you don't watch the show, it's too confusing to explain!

1. Charlie
2. Boone 
3. Michael
4. Walt:
5. Mr. Eko
6. Aaron (Claire's baby/toddler)
7. Vincent: (Walt's dog) HEY, he was an important character! : )
8. Penny
9. Shannon
10. Juliet
11. Sayid
12. Jin
13. Sun


  1. Having stopped watching Lost during the first season when each episode seemed to be waiting for the thing in the jungle to eat someone else, I fully plan on watching the very last episode, taking notes, and then watching the entire series from the beginning. :-)

  2. Happy Thursday! Although I don't watch this maybe you watch Sex and the City and want a chance at winning their new soundtrack...hint hint:) haha!

  3. I'm Lost :)

    Enjoy your day :)