Monday, May 24, 2010

My Final Thoughts On LOST...

I know not everyone is a fan of the show, so I'll TRY and keep this post brief (but you know I had to post about it!) But just think, now that LOST is over, I won't be mentioning it (as much).

Again **SPOILER ALERT** If you ever plan to watch LOST, or the finale, please be aware there are spoilers below. Thank you!!

So, my closing thoughts on LOST. I liked the finale. It took me until this morning to come to that conclusion (yes, I thought about it for a while), but the verdict is in: I like how they ended the show. Could it have been better? Probably. Could it have been worse? OH YEAH. I already had some scenarios running through my head that I prayed they wouldn't use. But overall: after 6 years of numbers, the hatch, Dharma, time traveling, The Others, bright flashes, polar bears, black smoke, love triangles (and in some cases parallelograms) and Matthew Fox and/or Josh Holloway walking around shirtless (okay, I actually enjoyed that), I was satisfied with the ending. Were there questions unanswered? Yes, but that kinda leaves the mystery that was LOST to continue on (if that makes sense).

Examples of endings I didn't want:
1). I didn't want it to end with Jack (played by Matthew Fox), waking up on the plane, only to hear, "We are now arriving at LAX, thank you for flying Oceanic flight 815, and have a great day." Basically, I didn't want the whole show to be a dream. I joked for the past two weeks if someone woke up and Patrick Duffy was in the shower, I would be mad (if you never watched the show Dallas, that will make no sense to you!) I knew deep down the writers would never do this, but still, I have trust issues when it comes to finales of TV shows.

2). I also didn't want it to end with Hurley (aka Hugo) in a mental hospital, looking at a picture of an island and all of this to have been in his head (for those who remember the 80's show St. Elsewhere, the series ended with the hospital all being in the imagination of a little boy).Yeah, I'm full of random information!

3). I also didn't want it to end with everyone back on a plane, and it crash (or almost crash) on another island.

4.) I didn't want the island story to be a paper that Walt was writing for a college creative writing class. (FYI, Walt was NOT in the finale. Supposedly details of that reason will be on the DVD).

There are MANY articles/blog posts/comments on the internet talking about how the show ended. If you REALLY want to know, you are more than welcome to Google that information. I'm not going to spend time retyping what other people have already said. But, one blog post that I found interesting came from none other than Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson (who I will forgive for not having his "A" game yesterday while pitching. They lost by 1 run. On my birthday. It's okay, I'm over it! If he can have a good outing next time, I won't mention it again.)  I'll also talk about the rude Cubs fans another day. So anyways, back to LOST. I think I posted a few weeks ago that C.J. was a big LOST fan. He had some interesting things to say that "summed" up the episode and what it meant. If you would like to read his theories, you can go here and here.

Quick side note to my Thursday Thirteen from last week: 10 of the 13 characters I wanted to see return for the finale were in the episode. Walt, Michael and Mr. Eko were the only three not there.
For the few LOST fans who might be reading this, I found some interesting articles I wanted to share. The LA Times ranked every LOST episode from "not best" to "best" (they didn't want to say "worst"). Go here for that article.

There are also some funny clips, including a group of cats giving a summary of LOST in a minute, as well as Jimmy Fallon interviewing LOST cast members. Go here for those videos.

So anyways, if you are a fan of LOST and have any theories/comments/ regarding the show and the finale, feel free to email me or comment below.

Have a great week everyone!!


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  4. I hate the Cubs!
    Love Lost.
    I liked the finale right up until Christian Shepard walked up in the church. Whole ending baffled me.

    I am going to go through and read the stuff you suggested....just as soon as I get these darn finals graded.

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