Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Last night on Criminal Minds, Tim Curry was playing the killer (that's not a spoiler, you know from scene one he's the "bad guy"). I got to thinking, he plays a really good bad guy. I remember watching Stephen King's IT when I was younger and being petrified of Pennywise the clown (played by Tim Curry). So, for my Thursday Thirteen, I thought I would list 13 actors who I feel play a really good villain. Sometimes I like the actor so much I have a hard time cheering against him as a bad guy. :) And some of them, I can only seem them as a bad guy!

1. Kiefer Sutherland (I know, he was the hero Jack Bauer on 24, but seriously, the man plays a great "bad guy". Even in Stand By Me he was the jerky older brother.)

2. Anthony Hopkins (HANNIBAL LECTOR from Silence of the Lambs. Need I say more. His scenes from that movie still creep me out).

3. Tim Curry (if you have never seen Stephen King's IT, be warned. It will make you afraid of red haired clowns for life!)

4. Cary Elwes (To me, he will forever be Wesley from The Princess Bride, **sigh**, but he has played more than one bad guy since that movie. He was even a jerk in the movie Twister.)

5. Denzel Washington (He doesn't play one too often, but when he is the bad guy, he does it well, and with style. I don't think the man can look bad in any role!) :)

6. Christopher Lee (the man was Dracula for crying out loud! He was also the bad guy in Return to Witch Mountain, one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. And I just saw on IMDB that his birthday is today. Happy 88th birthday Mr. Lee!!)

7. Samuel L. Jackson (the "baddest" of bad guys). And I mean "baddest" in a good way! :)

8. Willem Dafoe (I think pretty much any movie I've seen with him in it, he's playing the villain).

9. Christopher Walken (After seeing him in Hairspray, I almost forgot he has played a villain a time, or two, or seven, in his career).

10. Anthony Perkins (To me, he will forever be Norman Bates from Psycho. Hard to believe he played opposite the beautiful Audrey Hepburn in the movie Green Mansions ).

11. Gary Sinise (I love him on CSI: NY and as Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump, but when this guy wants to be bad, he is!)

12. Jack Nicholson ("You can't handle the truth!")

13. Robert Englund ("1, 2..Freddy's coming for you...)


  1. The guy who played president Charles Logan on 24...he played an amazing villian...never hated a character so!

  2. Kiefer Sutherland in Lost Boys! Yes, a great bad guy, indeed!!

    On one of the radio stations here, they had a contest where they named a movie that Tommy Lee Jones was in and you had to guess if he was good or bad.. haha!

    Great blog! :)

  3. Isn't it surprising how good some of these guys can be at being bad?

  4. I am fascinated by actors who can be equally compelling BAD..sI concur on these..sandy

  5. I always wonder if it's a reflection on their personality if they play villains over and over.

  6. Love your choice for 13. Gotta love to hate the bad boys! Love jack Nicholson... He's so good at being the villain! You could prob do a double list of the bad ones!
    xoxo jenna

  7. I always remember Tim Curry in the movie long ago, The Three Musketeers. He played the cardinal. And Rebecca DeMornay 'changing his religion' with the flick of her wrist [holding a knife]

    Mine is HERE if you'd like to make time to visit with me!!

  8. Excellent list! Anthony Hopkins and Jack Nicholson are two of my favorite villains.

  9. Anthony Hopkins. Silence of the Lambs is probably my favorite psycho thriller. This in itself is odd as I don't really watch thrillers.
    Great list. Happy T13!

  10. Ah, this is a creative list and I learned a lot about the actors, because I'm one of those gals who doesn't remember actors' or actresses' names easily. I've seen about 1/2 of these men, but I confess to remembering the movies or tv show more than the actor, sometimes. Now if you showed photos of the actors, I think I'd recollect better. Great Thurs 13!