Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm back!

Sorry friends for the unexpected absence, I've been sick since last week, but I'm back in the land of the living now (gotta love the flu and cold season!) THANKFULLY I didn't have the flu, just a bad cold that turned into a sinus infection. I'm going to take up stock in Kleenex, I've gone through so many boxes over the past few days. Ug!

Anyways, moving on. First, I've added a new tab to my blog. Part of my 101 in 1001 challenge included watching movies from the AFI Top 100 movies list and reading books off the banned book list. I've added those lists here. I marked the ones that I had already seen/read. I will update that page each time I see one of the movies or read one of the books.

So, I meant to post these last week, but since I was feeling so bad, I didn't get a chance to. These are pictures of my family at Thanksgiving! We had a total of 32 people there. And we were still missing 4 (two sister in laws and two nephews were not there). Again, this is just my immediate family! :) Thanks for letting me share these!

My great-nephew "E" with my mom (he calls her "Gigi")

Me and my nephew James. I used to be taller than him!

Me and my nephew Jake. Yes, he too was once shorter than me.

My Bubba with our mom (the love of the Rangers runs in our family!) : )

My brother Mark with his kids (and a few of their significant others)

My nephew-in-law Ray can catch a football AND hold on to his son ("C") at the same time.

My lovely niece-in-law Jennifer and her son "B"

My beautiful niece Alice reading a book to her son "C".

Action shot of me eating. Yes, that is ketchup on my plate, I wasn't kidding about it!

Me with my siblings.

Lots of football watching. The look of pain on my face is most likely from the Cowboys game.

Me with my nephew Jonathan. They are all pretty much taller than me now!

Me with my niece Naomi and her future hubby Bryson (he survived our crazy Thanksgiving crowd. Welcome to the family Bryson!) :)

My dad with my great-nephew "G". I think he was standing on my dad's foot.

Me with my nephew Greg- he's about 2 years older than me

"G" with Aunt Rachel

My beautiful nieces Katie and Stephanie

"E" and Aunt Rachel picking out a Christmas tree. It looks like we are praying over this one.

 "E" and Aunt Rachel found a tree just his size. I love this picture!

"C" liked smelling each tree.

I love this picture of "E" and my mom!


  1. what a lovely gathering of generations!! i love it, looks like you had a wonderful thanksgiving!

    Nice to meet you !

  2. First of all, glad you're back! Stay well, and avoid the flu. The pics are all so sweet. So nice to see the family all having a great time together!

  3. that pic with you and him at the tree....PRICELESS....glad your feeling better....yummy ketchup!:)

  4. :)) Glad you're feeling better!

    Love your pictures! :))) Family is the very best, isn't it?

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  6. I miss the big family gatherings we used to have for Thanksgiving. My mom is one of 10, so you can just imagine. Looking at your pictures takes me back!