Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I enjoyed spending time with my family. I will eventually put up more pictures, I just haven't had time to upload them from my camera yet. Here are a few that I took with my iPhone to hold you over until then!

"E" wearing Aunt Rachel's hat (my friend Monica knitted me the hat for Christmas!)

"C" showing Aunt Rachel some animal from the manger toy set.

My nephew "D" getting a drink of water after church.

I still can't believe that it's almost 2011. Seriously, I don't like that time seems to be speeding up! It just seems like yesterday it was 2000 and I was graduating college. I had all these crazy dreams of being a writer. And I looked so young. **sigh** Where does the time go? 

May 2000. Yes I had very blonde hair back then. Moving on...
Speaking of the New Year, I'll probably post a few New Year's Resolutions in the next few days. As well my "Year in Review: 2010". I just work half a day tomorrow and I'm off work on Friday, so maybe I'll finally find time to devote to my blog. Or honestly, I might watch the NCIS marathon on USA (you know my weakness for crime shows- and my nerd/geek crush on Sean Murray-AKA Special Agent Tim McGee). ;)

The geeky, yet adorable, Sean Murray
Part of me knows I should spend either Thursday or Friday taking down my Christmas decorations, but it's so depressing for me to do that. But at the same time, I know if I don't do it now, I won't have time later. I just need to get it over with. January is a pretty busy month for me, I don't have many free weekends. I have a luncheon with some former college roommates, a baby shower for my BFF in Austin, and the Rangers Fanfest (it's a two day event this year!) Oh yes my friends, 94 days and counting until Opening Day. And 48 days until Spring Training! Wahoo! 

So, speaking of baseball, and in honor of C.J. Wilson's intro song making it to the final four of the "Ben and Skin's Year End Audio Recap"*, I leave you today with a soundbite of it. It's a catchy tune, they play it whenever C.J. is on the air (or on days when he pitches in the post season). Laugh at me if you must, but it can make me smile even when I'm having a bad day. :)

*Ben and Skin is a sports talk show that airs on 103.3FM ESPN in Dallas weekdays 9-noon (CST). I love these guys. Even if you don't live in Dallas, you can listen to them online. Go here. They make me laugh!! :)

Encouragement for 2011
God is for you.
God loves you.
God will guide you.
God will not fail you.
God will be with you.
God will provide for you.
God will bless you.
God will give you rest.
God will strengthen you.
God will answer you.
God will uphold you.
God will keep you.

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  1. Fun post. Loved that 'moving on...' after the blonde graduation hair. LOL Cute pics from Christmas. As far as decorations go, I'm gonna leave mine up through most of January. Why remove such cheer generators?

    Crime shows, huh? I like cozy murders, the kind where you don't usually SEE the murder...You see terrified look...bloody knife...body in the library...detective arriving,etc.