Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings...

I'm going to start my post today with a short rant (okay, you are right, none of my stories are ever short). For those new to my blog, go here for some past issues with my apartment complex.

So, as you know, I live in Texas. If you are not familiar with what a week in June looks like in Texas, let me show you our ten day forecast. And this is actually "cool" for our summers. Starting in July, we will most likely hit triple digits.

I have a two story apartment. My upstairs is just an open loft area I keep my sports memorabilia and craft supplies in. So, anyways, if you read my previous post, you'll know two years ago I had issues with my AC unit. I got home from work yesterday about 5:45 pm (and let me just say I was excited because it was the first night in weeks where I had nothing to do. I could be at home, I could read a book, watch the Rangers game on TV, watch a movie, whatever. It was before 6pm and I was home for the evening. It felt great. Until I walked inside my apartment. You guessed it. My AC was blowing warm air. I called the front office immediately and they said they would send someone over. About 20 minutes later maintenance showed up and said I just needed the air filter changed. So, after he did that he said to give it about 30 minutes and it would start cooling off. I was nicer. I gave it until 8 (about an hour and a half) and it still wasn't cooling.

So, I called the 24 hour answering service and they said they would put in a work order to emergency maintenance right away. I was told I would get a call. An hour later, still no call. So I called the answering service again. Was told again I would get a call, but most likely no one could come out because it was dark (funny, it was light when I called the first time). So about 9:30 no one had called and it was 90 degrees in my apartment (I wish I had taken a picture of the thermometer to prove that). Thankfully  my sweet friend Martha (I call her my adopted mom) let me stay the night at her house, which was nice and cool!

This morning I got an email from my complex saying the situation with the AC had been fixed: they added coolant. Now, it's not that I don't trust them, but I didn't want this evening to be similar to last night, so I called my BFF (who works near my apartment) and asked that she go by during her lunch break to double check. She called after her lunch and said she was there almost an hour and the AC hadn't cooled down (it wasn't even on when she got there). Have I ever mentioned the wrath of Rachel?? Yay, I was ready to unleash it. So, I called the complex office. Sadly the manager wasn't available, but I told the girl (who knows me by my voice) about the situation. She said she would put in a work order. Just to be sure it got put in, I emailed the office as well. I just got this reply from the manager himself (the man who fears me):

"I will make sure that your air is up and cooling before the team goes home today. I will send him back out now. :)"
Oh yes, he included the :) himself. I'm sure he was saying under his breath: Please don't call your lawyer.

So, since my complex office has a habit of closing "a little early" from time to time, I am leaving work early myself to guarantee that my air is indeed back up and cooling. If it's not, the manager and I will have a little "heart to heart". I promise I will try and be nice! But if you hear on the national news about an apartment complex manager in Texas being beaten up by a resident, I might not be updating my blog for a while! ;)

I don't like leaving my post on such a "downer" so I decided to post a picture a friend put on her Facebook page a few weeks ago. This is one of my all time favorite baseball fights. So, here's to Nolan  Ryan (who, by the way, kicked Robin Ventura's butt that night!!) I'll try and find the video and post it sometime!! It's greatness!!

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  1. That looks very similar to a Florida forecast but change those sunny days to mostly cloudy with at least 40% chance of rain every single day. Grossness. I hate heat. And worse than heat I hate hot rain.
    Every time I hear horror stories about apartments, I am so happy I don't live in one any more. I definitely have my share of awful apartment stories. We rent a house now and I'm so much happier.