Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings

First of all, a very happy birthday to Mr. Johnny Depp, who turned 47 today. Last Friday night some friends and I watched the original A Nightmare on Elm Street (which was his first movie).Still looking good Johnny! These pictures are for some of my friends at work (we may, or may not, have been talking about him earlier today!) ;)

If you look to the right sidebar, you will notice that you can follow me on Twitter. (**My profile is private. If you would like to follow me, please send a private message with your request saying you are a follower of my blog!**) I'm still trying to figure out this whole "Twitter" thing. I try and update my "tweets" at least once a day. (I'll be honest,  it's nothing all that exciting. I live kinda a boring life). I will admit that I follow some famous people on there. Some of them can be very entertaining! I was trying to update my Twitter page earlier today and kept getting the follow message:


I have never seen this before (again, I'm not on that much during the day, so maybe I just happened to hit it at a very busy time). Still, it's scary to think how many people were on Twitter at once if it caused this kind of error message! 

Last Friday I posted a picture of me and my nephew Jonathan at his high school graduation. I'm going to post a few more (at my mother's request!) ;) These are for you mom!!

My parents with my nephew Jonathan

 My sister Martha (the other proud aunt who attended) with Jonathan 

My brother Steve and his "little boy"

My niece Stephanie was so proud of her "Bubba"

On a closing note for my Wednesday Ramblings, some co-workers and I went out for lunch today, and the dark clouds look very promising of thunderstorms. Bring on the rain! We need it!


  1. Happy birthday, Johnny!! He doesn't look a day over 38 1/2!

    Congrats to your nephew! :) Great pics!

    We got a bunch of rain down in Houston yesterday, so not sure if we sent it your way or not... and today we have a tornado warning.. hope we don't send that to you as well!

    have a lovely afternoon! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Sir! Depp is my favorite actor. You know, it's been drizzling non-stop here too. Hmmm.