Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving...that it's WEDNESDAY already. Yesterday felt like a Monday all day long, then I realized on my way home from work it was actually Tuesday. So, we are already halfway through the week! :) Wahoo!

I'm ticket rep Jon who works at the Texas Rangers box office (I have a "mini plan" this year). He has been so sweet all season long. Somehow I didn't get the emails for the presale of the first round playoff tickets (it was held yesterday for "10 pack" ticket holders, which is what I am). He was able to get me "the hook-up" so I could buy my ticket today instead. So my friends Monica, Julie and I will be going to Game 1 (at the Ballpark) of the ALDS (well, God willing that the Rangers make the playoffs. Fingers and toes crossed!!) :)

I'm loving...that I made my first casserole last night. Oh yes, Cooking Adventures with Rachel continues! Oh, I should so trademark that title, I could have my own show!! I'll post the recipe later on, but here is the finished product: Tuna Casserole (for the record, it's the only time I'll eat tuna OR green peas).

I'm loving...the "cooler" temperatures we've been experiencing in DFW the past few days. On Monday I was able to turn off my AC and open my windows. In fact, I sat outside on my balcony and read for a few hours. It was so nice! Sadly it will be in the mid 90s by the weekend, but anything is better than 106! 


I'm loving...that on Friday night my friend Aaron and I will be seeing Dick Van Dyke and Jerry Van Dyke live and in person. Words cannot express my excitement!! **happy dance**

Hope everyone has a great day! XOXO!!


  1. I'm loving that it's a short week, too! And as far as you casserole're really brave if you're willing to use tuna as your first casserole! I've been cooking for years and still haven't worked up the nerve to make tuna casserole! You go 'Martha' !

  2. Let me know how that is!!

  3. I am LOVING the cooler weather in the DFW area too!!! I also opened all of my windows for the nice cool breeze in the morning. *bliss!

    xx-Keri {The Botch House}

  4. Glad those 100+ temperatures are leaving your area. I don't know how you guys can stand so many days in a row of such blistering heat!

    You better watch out, Rachael Ray. Our Rachel is nipping at your heels! :-) (so to speak) lol

  5. Woo hoo for Dick Van Dyke!! Can't wait to hear all about it! And that casserole looks yummy! Even with all the cheese... lol. :)