Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge- Day 4 & It's OK Thursday!

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Day 4: Fall Decorating

As I mentioned before, I love decorating for fall. Sadly with an apartment there is only so much I can do. I found some decorations on Pinterest (yes, I'm obsessed with it, let's move on) that I love!

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

I'm also linking up for It's OK Thursday (it's two posts in one)!! 

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK... have said the following when the group R.E.M. announced they were retiring. "Oh, they were still together?" not make plans in the month of October in hopes that the Rangers are still playing baseball. BTW- 3. Rangers fans know what that means. not want to get involved in political conversations.

... to already be working on Christmas gifts. feel like I'm cheating on Dr Pepper whenever I drink a Big Red. get really giddy when Best Buy emails me that I have another Reward Zone gift card.

It's almost the weekend lovelies!! Hang in there! XOXO!


  1. You have to make SOME plans in October!!

    And to your 3, I say zero. :)

    I never want to engage in political conversations anymore either.

  2. C'mon, Rachel, politics is hugely important, for decisions are made regarding our own lives. Do we want to make decisions ourselves, or do we want others making them for us? But I know what you mean. People have a hard time discussing issues and usually resort to personal attacks. I hate that. My theory is that they do that because they've run out of any good argument. :-)

    LOVE that first 'fall decorating' scheme best of all. I've got to get into Pinterest, I can see!

  3. I totally didn't know REM was still together either, so weird. And I need a house to decorate for fall! :)

  4. Cute decorations! I don't usually decorate, but seeing everyone's stuff is making me want to do more decorations!

    I don't like political discussions either. It's just really hard!

  5. Ohhh love that first picture! I am making my first fall decoration ever tomorrow, ha! Never been one to decorate for the seasons but I shall start!

    I am with you on political convos- not worth it:-)