Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's OK Thursday

Linking up again with Neely and Amber for "It's OK" Thursday!

It's OK... be a little ticked off at George Lucas and his changes to the original Star Wars for it's upcoming Blu-Ray release. (side note: I don't have a Blu-Ray player so I won't be buying it, but still, you don't mess with the Force!) be holding out on buying a Blu-Ray player until it's absolutely necessary. freak yourself out at night when watching Celebrity Ghost Stories. be on your second Dr Pepper of the day because you have been awake since 3am. have Wheat Thins and applesauce for lunch. put up your fall decorations this weekend. wonder if you are the only person out there getting tired of EVERYTHING being in 3-D. want there to be a hurricane with your name. want an original Nintendo so you can play old school Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt.

...that all of your Rangers caps are from free giveaways at The Ballpark.

What's "OK" with you today??

Hope everyone has a great day!!!



  1. You will have a hurricane named after you... in 2014 :)~ Well, assuming it's a busy year anyway.

    I see no difference in BluRay and a regular DVD other than our BluRay player takes a lifetime to bootup. Good call on waiting.

    I want a DP so badly. It's been a while.. I have this silly "don't buy sodas for the house" rule.. but I try to snake one at Meme's ;)

    I *am* mad at GL and will not be buying the revised versions. I have them on VHS and DVD. I think that's plenty for now. Ha!

    3D sucks nowadays. I hate saying that because I went to school to be a 3D animator, but it's gotten out of hand. Don't remake a classic 2D cartoon in 3D... that's dumb... grrr #madatSmurfs3D

    I got an old school Nintendo at a Goodwill for $15. :)~

  2. omg - i'm with you on the Nintendo thing...i was thinking about zelda all day the other day.
    trish @ tales from...

  3. Free hats!? Fun! In order to get something "free" at Fenway you have to sign up for the Boston Globe or a credit card! haha!

  4. Ooh it's September, I can put my fall decorations up too, yay! I just wish the weather would realize that it's fall.
    You should invest in the Playstation 3, it's a blue ray player but also you can play amazing video games.

    I do miss old school Super Mario. I need to get the mario pack for the wii.

  5. I don't have a Blu-Ray either, I feel behind on the times. Also, I am sick of 3D everything.. it gives me a headache!

  6. I want a hurricane with my name!! I was so close this year-- it was Katia, instead of Katie. They couldn't just change one letter... Lol. :)